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I'm a 23 year old interior designer as well as the founder, stylist, editor and photographer behind This Girl Loves Chic, a platform I created ad run where I enjoy sharing my passion for anything Beauty, Fashion and Fitness related. Thisgirlloveschic.com started a few years back whilst I was at university and was keen to share my interest in fashion and beauty aside of Interior design which is what I ended up with a degree in and still am loving. Blogging is something I really enjoy as a distraction from my everyday life, over the last few years it has given me some amazing opportunities such as working with very well known and iconic brands such as Benefit, GlamGlow, Freedom, FarFetch, JD Sports , LDN Muscle and the list goes on. I hope you enjoy reading my blog and that you . Lots of Love , Paulina x More info...
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Its no secret that the key to great skin starts with skincare, its so important to use product suited for your skin type but also to know what it is your putting on your face. A few months ago I was kindly sent the Acne Ultra Cream by the Derma Group, now I am very careful when it comes to trying out new skincare products having combination but sensitive and acne prone skin it takes very little for my skin to react to products.However  what caught my attention to this particular product is the fact its a natural , chemical free formula designed to help soothe and calm your skin.  

Now whilst I do not suffer from severe acne I only get the occasional pimple I have noticed my skin looking clearer , smooth but also nourished, as having tried other skincare products aimed at acne they can really dry your skin out.  So do not be put off by the name 'Acne' as whether its pores, whiteheads or pimples the amazing ingredients found in this face cream have been designed to help fight all the problems listed. The cream whilst having a quiet thick formula does absorb in to your skin very well without leaving an oily residue. 

Inside Acne Ultra Clear, you’ll find nothing but nature’s finest ingredients – all working together to clear up and repair your skin.The ingredients in the cream are not only natural but also very beneficial for your skin , some of which include:
Olive oil -  helps to restore your natural moisture balance and soothes dry skin .
Coconut oil - i call this the miracle worker as its got so many uses. Coconut oil has a small molecular structure making it a superb absorber . 

Beeswax - Amazing at holding in all of your skin’s moisture and unclogging those pesky pores. 

These are just some of the amazing ingredients found but if  you would like to find out more simply click here for a full list of all the natural goodness thats within the cream. Overall I think this is an amazing product worth trying , it is all natural so the smell reflects that however I personally prefer herbal creams as lets be honest the only reason some creams have a strong nice smell to them is simply because they have been perfumed which can cause a reaction to your skin.  

The lovely team at Derma Group are kindly offering a 10% off for all you lovely readers!! simply click here to get your coupon and defiantly let me know how you get on with this cream!!


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