Thursday, 18 December 2014


Organic / more natural skincare has been becoming a ' beauty thing' over the last few months and more brands are coming out with products which are natural and contain less chemicals. I have not so long ago discovered the SUKIN Brand and was very curious to try it out. Being on the look out for new night cream I came across this SUKIN Moisture Restoring Night Cream and decided to give it a go.

The formula of the SUKIN Night Cream is semi thick but it glides over the skin very easily and absorbs very well without leaving an oily residue. I actually did a test where I switched up my night cream for a day ( after using this moisturiser for just over a month) and went back to the Sukin moisturiser the next day to see if I did see any results and just out of curiosity . After my little beauty experiment I found that when I apply this product at night my skin feely and looked a lot more plump and nourished in the morning with a super soft finish. Another great discovery I've made over testing out this product is that even though I wake up with soft and very nourished skin I don't have that oily residue on the skin when I wake up which having combination skin I have found that with some night creams I have used in the past I would wake up with a rather greasy looking skin which is not ideal nor attractive.

This product I feel has pretty much everything you need in a night cream especially if your into something natural, paraben free and nourshing oils based. The cream contains a mixture of natural oils from avocado oil, evening primorse oil , jojoba oil and many more which are great at restoring and replenishing your skin especially at night as this is the time your skin renews itself.

Packaging: SUKIN as a brand have a quiet simple almost organic feel to their packaging which I really like. With this particular product it comes in glass jar which I personally prefer to a standard plastic one not only does it look nicer I feel it gives the product a more luxurious feel to but thats just me being fussy haha. I do however feel that as it comes in a jar some of us find that a little unhygienic dipping our fingers in there everyday but I have found a simple yet effective solution to this, simply use a cotton bud to pick out the product form the tub dot it around your face massage it and your done ( so smart of me right ;) haha ?) .

Overal I am very happy with the product so far and will be trying out some more of their skincare range. The brand has multiple products from cleansers, scrubs and oils designed for any skin type.
Have you heard or tried SUKIN before?


Friday, 12 December 2014


If you haven't already started your Christmas shopping it is probably time to start thinking about it as theres only 12 days and that makes me super excited, personally I love Christmas along with some quality family time and of course not to mention the amazing food that comes with it and just the whole festive vibe. I have put together a last minute Chrimbo guide  under £100 which hopefully should help some of you out or give you some ideas on what gifts to  buy this year. Personally I would be very happy with pretty much anything on this list , some of the items above are perfecto for a smaller stocking gift whereas others would make a great festive treat from you to your closest. 

What gifts have you bought this year?


Tuesday, 9 December 2014


Hello Beauties, so I decided to be a bit spontaneous and dye my hair a dark brown colour ,I am so pleased I have done it, I wasn't too happy with the colour I had over the last few  months which I did get done professionally in a salon but the colour just didn't seem right. I have been wanting to go dark for a while but was always too scared to do it until I just decided to go for it..  I did a lot of research about home hair dyes and which one to go for on Sunday night and just went for it last night. The dye I ended up using is the Lorea'l creme Gloss in the shade Iced Chocolate , now I have never used a boxed at home dye before but this drip free semi-permament formula was very easy to use and made the whole process stress free. I think the hardest decision was picking the actual colour with the wide variety of brown shades and tones I wasn't sure which one to pick but ended up sticking to the Iced Chocolate which I am very pleased with although I was expecting the colour to be a little lighter I am very happy with the dark glossy shade it has left me with, perhaps leaving it for a little less time would solve that issue if your contemplating trying out the shade but don't want to be left with such a  dark of a shade at the end.  The Lorea'l Creme Gloss dye overall gets a bit thumbs up from me, it left my hair feeling super soft with  a glossy and vibrant colour.

As It was a spontaneous decisions prior to this I have already ordered some new human hair extensions from KB Hairextensions but in a light brown shade so I decided to take another risk and dye the hair extensions too although I was a little worried it would damage my new hair it worked really well and as you can see from the photo above the hair is still silky soft and shiny now this shows the high quality of hair and the fact the dye is not very damaging on the hair as extensions do have the tendency to get damaged a lot faster than your own hair. 

KB Hairextension is a brand I have never tried out before but having looked at their site I was very keen to try them out, they hold a wide range of hair and were even mentioned in Cosmopolitan Magazine which having received the hair I can understand why. The hair feels very high quality , is silky and blends in with your natural hair very well, now of course now all I have to do is put them to the test and see how I get on with them for the next few weeks but I will do an updated review for sure. 

What do you think of my new hair colour? 

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