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  •                                                                      Hello

    I wasn’t really sure what kind of post I wanted to do today so decided I will share with you some of the products  product’s I  have recently been really liking. In no particular order:

    Deborah Lipomann

     Deborah lipomann nail polish in the colour ” Happy Birthday” I actually received this as a present for my birthday and have been wearing it ever since , the full on glitter looks gorgeous on practically any nail polish I like to layer it on top of a black or navy blue colour especially. It is long lasting as long as you don’t put too many layers on otherwise the glitter particles might start ti chip. 

    Shimmy Shimmy Glitter Bar from Lush

    A gorgeous smelling massage bar from lush ,I personally adore Lush products mainly for their smell most of their products smell amazing. This massage bar not only smells gorgeous but leaves your skin silky smooth and sparkly as it has glitter infused into it, perfect for a night out or if you want your skin to sparkle would work great during the summer time. 

    Nivea Original Cream

    This is one of those products that you know of but probably don’t use. I have re- discovered my love for this product. It smells almost like a baby’s cream which I personally like. Leaves your skin super soft and is a multi tasking product as it can be use as a face cream , hand cream and body cream, although the formula is very thick so unless you have dry skin I’d not use it on your skin during the day but only over night.

    Hello Flawless Benefit

    I recently got a Benefit gift card for my birthday so I took a trip to benefit and at the time I didn’t really need anything apart from a new mascara and face powder , having heard a positive review of this product from my friend as this is the only powder she uses I have decided to give this a go and  must say I really enjoy this product leaves my skin really flawless and matt for the whole day and sets your foundation really well, the only concern I have is the smell it almost smells like medicine not sure if its just the one I bought or if they all do  but I am not too fussed by the smell as it you can’t smell it unless you smell the powder in the box. I have also bought a mascara from there which I will review very soon still deciding whether I like it or not. 

     Lot’s of Love 




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