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  • I have decided to try out organic/ natural hair and skincare products this month. I went out and bought a few things most of them which I have never used before apart from the coconut oil which I use for my hair as a deep overnight treatment which works wonders but I will do another post on that very soon.
    So here’s what I bought: 


    This is a great product which can be used in so many ways and for various purposes. I personally use it as  under eye moisturiser at night it provides so much moisture and leaves my skin feeling soft. It has also been recently revealed that Jennifer Aniston is also a big vaseline fan. 

    Moroccan Oil Sheen Spray

     This claims to rejuvenate , moisturise and add sheen to the hair , it contains vitamin E which are suppose to nourish the hair whilst giving it a shine. I will test this out and give you feedback on how it has worked and whether it has. It sounds promising and smells great. 

                                      Coconut Oil

    I have used coconut oil on and on for over 2 years now and always seem to come back to it for an overnight treatment its great as it nourishes your hair whilst you sleep , the hair absorbs all the nutrients and leaves you shiny and healthier looking hair. Coconut Oil benefits: 

    1. It contains vitamine E which helps to keep your scalp healthy.

    2. It has high moisture retaining capacity which prevents hair from braking.

    2.Due to the various fatty acids present in coconut oil it is a great anti dandruff agent.

    These are just a few of the many benefits that coconut oil provides for your hair.

    Mane ‘n Tail

    I have heard a lot of good and not so good things about the mane ‘n tail its seems like its one of those you either love it or hate it products therefore I decided to give it a go. This particular product I picked up claims to promote stronger , healthier hair , nourishment and conditioning for the scalp, help prevent split ends and breakage as well as revitalise the hair. It sounds like it could be a good products but also a very messy one. It has some good ingredients such as jojoba oil, castor oil and herbal complexes. I will test this out and keep you updated how I am getting on with this product.

    The consistency is very greasy hence why it is not a product for everyone. It looks like it could get messy I personally will use this like I use my coconut oil as an overnight hair treatment.

    That’s All for now

    Lot’s of Love 



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