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  • So Uni has started again, and like the tittle says we are all back to reality, however this year I want to be more organised with my life not only regarding uni work but this blog as well, I have been meaning to get blogging for a while but always seem to get off track but this year I promised myself I will keep on top of all of my 3 blogs, of which are my interior design blog and my newly started health blog. I am feeling a little blue for some reason, but am going away for a week not the ideal time since uni just started but since I worked all summer I had no time to go away. As soon as I get back I plan on going out less , concentrating more on my  work and health etc. I will add a post at least 3 times a week, this blog is going to be a bit of a mish mash as I will post beauty,fashion, and my life related posts all in one blog , like a personal diary that I want to share.
    Anyways since it has been freshers week I have been out quiet a lot I have also bought a lot of new beauty and fashion products and I will make a blog post about these before I leave.

    Here’s a few snaps form freshers week this year :):

    Lot’s of Love 

    P  xxx


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