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  • Whilst being away I purchased a few beauty products some of which I got before I left nevertheless I have been using all of them for two weeks and some for nearly a month so I can write an honest review and the experience I have had with them. All the products I am about to mention have pleasantly surprised me .


    Firstly after hearing so much about this I decided to finally give in and purchase the Bioderma Cleansing water and with no doubt it was the best purchase I have made in a while! I have been hooked from the first time I used this product. Its so gentle on the skin it literally feels like water , does not sting your eyes nor does it leave your skin feeling dry or irritated. It has replaced all my make up cleanser and wipes for sure! It is a little on the pricer side but if you use an eye make up remover and wipes the price of the both will probably add up to the price of a bottle of this cleansing water which is a multi functional cleanser as it can be used to removed both eye and facial make up.

    Pros: – Leaves skin clean and refreshed
          – Doesn’t irritate
          – Multi functional
    Cons: – Apart from being hard to get none for me! I got mine from Poland but I know you can purchase it from ebay.

    Loreal Skin fresh Moisturiser for normal to combination skin

    This is a gel based moisturiser for normal to combination skin, ( my skin type). I have tried and tested so many moisturisers both high end and drugstore and I came across a few which I really liked but still haven’t found ‘the one’ which amazed me. I came across this on an airport I have never seen this particular moisturiser in the UK but what grabbed my attention us that it is gel based , this tend to be better for oiler skin tones as they absorb easier and don’t leave an oily residue on the skin at least that is the case with my skin.

    Pros: – Absorbs quickly to the skin              
             – Great for a make up base
             – Light weight
             – Leaves Skin feeling refreshed

    Cons: – Not available in drugstores in the UK 
    The Verdict: I have been using this for nearly three weeks now and so far I am really liking it will I repurchase this moisturiser? possibly yes I will wait till when I finish it if I am still liking it and don’t come across something else yes I will.

    The Doll Face Cocktail Peel

    I came across this brand whilst browsing through TKMAX known as TJMAX in the USA. It caught my attention at first mainly due to the cute white and pink packaging. I started reading about it and it really caught my attention. 

    It is a natural beauty brand to find out more visit their website : http://www.dollfacebeauty.com/

    Claims: “Alluringly younger-looking skin can be yours. Organic pumpkin dissolves dormant surface layers that can inhibit the absorption of revitalizing nutrients. Vitamin A helps limit environmental damage by encouraging a radiant-looking complexion. Derived from carrots, beta carotene helps smooth out the signs of aging.”

    My opinion: I have used this about ten times now over the period of over four weeks now and I am hooked. I usually put this on whilst I’m having a bubble bath , leave it on for about 20 minutes and wash it off with luke warm water afterwards. I find that my skin is glowy, super clean and almost feels detoxified after this peel. I am interested in trying more of the products and will be purchasing more of this skincare line if I come across it in TKMAX again.

    That’s all for now.




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