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    So I am pretty sure we all go through days or maybe even weeks where we seem to lack motivation and energy to do anything and wish we could just do nothing sometimes, trust me I have those days too! However you get to a stage where you realise you need to get your act together and start doing things instead of wasting time doing nothing, sure we all deserve a day off where we just chill and do nothing but doing that too much isn’t to good either. 

    I find that its the starting point that is the hardest when it comes to motivating yourself. Once you get in to a routine you feel things get done a lot easier. So I decided to make myself a ‘motivation board’ where I posted inspirational images, quotes etc. I think surrounding yourself with a positive and happy enviroment is essential as it brings out the best in you and makes you happy. I have decided to focus on my university work , and all of my three blogs to keep myself on track. 

    Soon I will be posting beauty and fashion posts and videos so keep a look out for those thats all for now.

    Lot’s of Love 

    Paulina xo


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