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  • I gave in to the temptation of online shopping recently and got a few things , well I’d classify them as essentials haha.

    I was in need of a new shampoo and after doing a bit of research and a friends recommendation I decided to give the Bed Head by TIGI resurrection shampoo. I got mine from BeautyBay for under £6!!

    It claims to : 

    I have not used it myself yet however will do an updated review once I have used the product so keep and eye out for that.

    Secondly I got myself a big bottle of the  Bioderma Crealine H20 , this is the best make up remover and cleanser ever! It has replaced all my make up wipes, eye make up removers etc I have used in the past and is now a must in my beauty corner.

    I have been meaning to try the Macademia Oil deep hair treatment for a while now but due to the prices I always found myself holding back however decided instead of spending money on three different conditioners I will just buy one good one! I found this 100ml bottle on BeautyBay for uder £10! which I thought was a great deal and decided to buy it and OMG it is amazing! I will do an in depth review on this amazing product this week as I am inn love!

    Last but not least I got myself a cover for my laptop with which I am also in Love with! It is so cute and  pretty! I got it mainly to protect my laptop being on the go constantly I carry my laptop around and I saw the bottom being scratched etc so decided to invest in one and I am very glad I did!

    Thats All for now beauts


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