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  • Hey Dolls,

    I was sorting out my make up today and decided to compare and write about a few products which I have been using for a while. They are all face products some of which I like more than others and thought writing a little about each product could be useful for you guys, please bare in mind we all have different skin types so what I might not like you might love and vice versa :).


    Starting of with the AVON face perfector,it  comes out white and once smoothed on to the skin it leaves you with lovely soft base ,ready for your foundation to go on top. It is a very light formula , I find that it doesn’t clog my pores or break me out. I have combo skin and get oily pretty easily through out the day, this doesn’t prevent that but it does make me have to touch up less and  it definitely pro longs my foundation which is a big plus especially if you are out and about all day. It has an SPF of 20 which is great for day use but I wouldn’t use this if you are planning on taking photographs due to the pretty obvious reason that it will make you look whiter in pictures.Overall a good product and great price.

    The second primer I have tried and tested is the 17 photo flawless primer, this is a more silicone based primer and comes out clear, it has a very similar touch when applied to the skin ,it leaves your skin smooth and personally I don’t think it minimises your pores as such but does give a good base for a foundation to go on top. It claims to pro long your foundation which I’d say its ok at doing but it won’t make your foundation stay put all day. Overall I would not repurchase this but don’t get me wrong for the price you pay it is a good product.

    Last primer I am going to be talking about is the benefit that gal, this has a slightly different purpose than the other two mentioned above. This acts more as a skin brightener , it comes out a light pink colour but don’t worry it doesn’t make you pink, it adds a slight luminosity to the skin. Although it doesn’t leaves as smooth of a base and minimise pores it does a great job at brightening and adding a glow to the skin. Currently I only have the sample but I will be repurchasing the big bottle as this is by far my favourite out of all the three.

    Blusher – Bourjois  Lila’s d’Or

    I have never actually used the borjouris blusher’s , the only products I used from them was bronzers and foundation and they had a 3 for 2 offer a few weeks ago so I decided to try one of their blushes. This is the one I chose, it is a beautiful rosy gold colour with a little bit of gold shimmer in it. Despite having a slight bit of shimmer it is not over powering, it gives you the most beautiful rosy cheeks ever. It stays put for a long time and I find it stays on my skin all day without gong streaky. I will be trying out their other colours as I am absolutely in Love with this plus the packaging is adorable!


    Recently whilst shopping at H&M I came across this cream eyeshadow which i decided to buy as it looked so pretty and really stood out to me. I am so glad I got this , this little beauty works in multiple ways for me! I use this as a base for an eye make up look but it also works great as a highlighter as long as it is used the right way! Dab a little on to your cheekbones and you will have such a beautiful glow to you it also looks great in pictures! The best thing about it is the price £2.99!! Go get your self some NOW! hah 🙂 


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