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    As I have mentioned in
    one of my top 5 products post below 
    I have recently been testing out the TIGI Resurrection Shampoo, it’s a reconstructing
    shampoo for very damaged and over processed hair. Let me start my telling you a
    little about my hair, I am naturally a very dark brunette however I bleach my
    hair more or less every 3 months which as you can imagine does a lot of damage
    not to mention all the styling using hottools. Since I abuse my hair so much it
    often leaves me with dry , frizzy hair with split ends and I am a sucker for
    anything that claims to repair or restore hence why I have so many hair
    products. So when I heard about this from my friend as a recommendation I
    purchased this the same night. She claimed it really made a difference in the
    way her hair felt and looked after she’d wash it with this shampoo. I was super
    excited when it came in the post as I love testing out new products its almost
    like being a kid again and getting a new toy to play with hehe. 

    Anyways enough of the
    rambling and on to the review. This is a gorgeous smelling product , it smells
    like strawberries which is a major plus in my books. The consistency is almost
    creamy, it comes out and lathers pretty well. Just after the first use my hair was left feeling silky , soft and shiny! It sure does have the wowzza factor! Now after having used it for nearly a month even my friends are noticing the difference and asking what I am using on my hair!! Just after a  uses  my hair is more manageable than it has been in years. The ends are still a bit dry but nothing like they had been.I’ll keep this updated.. See how long until it repairs the damage or if it will at all.

    Lot’s of Love 


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