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  • Liquid – Yves Saint Laurent – TEINT RESIST

    Starting off with a higher end product YSL , this foundation I bought on the recommendation of a youtuber TheCurrentCustom,after hearing what she had to say about it , I rushed off to boots once again haha. It’s a sheer coverage, lightweight foundation that evens out your skintone beautifully, but I warn you now it will not hide any major flaws. It’s somewhat buildable, but really looks its best with just one layer, so a concealer is needed but hey you can’t have everything right . The foundation  literally feels like your own skin but better as cliche as that may sound. The formula dries very quickly so you have to blend it in reasonably quickly, having used this for over a year I find it works best when applied to skin either soon after moisturising when skin is moist but not wet or just spritz a bit of MAC fix plus before applying it. The staying power is very good it lasts on my skin very well, another tip with this foundation is to use a sponge as it gives an airbrushed effect where as if you were to apply this with a flat foundation brush you may see streaks. One disadvantage is the pump is very hard to work with as it squirts out either too much or too little product and is very hard to control. 

    Fit me foundation Maybelline

    Recently whilst shopping at boots I came across the boots fit me range after using their concealer for a few days I thought it was brilliant, not cakey , covers really well and stays put. This persuaded me to purchase the foundation that came out in the same range. Having heard quit a lot of good things about it despite not being a big fan of Maybelline foundations  , I decided to give this a go. It’s a nice product and adapts to the skin very well however I find it does not stay put on my skin very well unfortunately. I enjoy wearing this on days where I only go to uni and don’t have a long day outside. If you set it with a powder it pro longs the wear slightly but I find that I still need to touch up if I have a long day out. Overall the formula is really nice and the colour range is quiet wide, they have divided the colours in to pink and yellow toned skin tones which allows the customer to find the right match for their skin tone. Overall I will use it up as an everyday foundation however will not be repurchasing this.

    Revlon Photo Ready Airbrush Mousse Foundation

    I have been a big fan of the revlon photo ready foundation for over a year now. It just works on my skin beautifully, so when they came out with the airbrush foundation I immediately rushed to Boots to get some. Firstly when you press the dispenser soo much product comes out, it is very hard to get the right amount out, so the packaging quiet frankly sucks. I really wanted to love this product but I was slightly disappointed to be honest.It has a slight greasy feel to it and is hard to work with, it almost leaves your skin streaky however if you work with it the right way , it is possible to achieve a flawless skin. I almost have a love hate relationship with this , I use it from time to time but it is not my go to foundation put it that way.


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