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  • Hey Dolls,

    I decided I will do new post’s Labeled ” The Story of a Design Student’s Life” , a little diary of my experience of being a design student. A lot of people assume design student’s have it easier due to no exams and it all being design, but boy you got that wrong sure we don’t have to study for end of term exams etc but the amount of coursework we get is rather a large amount! We use a lot of software which may crush on you maybe about a hundred times a day meaning hours of work lost! and yes it has happened to me before! But you must keep calm and keep going ! Literally hah! I will do a detailed post on this soon but for now a little update on my student life. So the last few days have been  a little stressful my deadline at uni is getting closer, weather is getting miserable and dull making me literally do nothing and just generally a lot of pressure building up. Not sure about you guys but I personally can not sleep when stressed! I end up analysing everything in my head whilst lying in bed at night making it impossible for me to get some sleep, but I got to say I am loving having this blog, being able to come here and just get away from everything always helps, I have completely fallen in Love with blogging and being able to share a little part of my life with you. 

    I live away from home as my Uni is three hours away and with the busy life style I have I don’t get to go back home a lot, but this week I felt like I just needed to come home , see my family and my best friend so that I can destress a little and get away from everything. Despite only having two days at home I am loving being back! Nothing can beat a family dinner, cosy sofa and quality family time! It for sure always makes me feel better! But no break from uni work for me, whilst everyones at work I plan on hitting my Uni work hard so that I can go and do a little shopping with my mummmzy in the afternoon and then meet my bestie. Starting today I decided each morning I will set myself goals ( realistic ones) for each day and complete them which will hopefully make me feel less stressed as I’ll feel like I have achieved something each day. Anyway I best get down to work now but will be posting a beauty post either tonight or tomorrow morning.  Much Love.


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