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  • Hey Dolls,

    Every girl needs a good mascara in her make up collection for sure, in my opinion if you are going to only wear minimal make up make sure you at least apply some mascara to your lashes as it makes you look instantly more awake and opens up your eyes. 

    Today I am going to talk eyelashes and tell you about a mascara that has impressed me lately. Now I have tried and tested many mascara’s and throughout that process found ones that I like and one’s that I love. I have quiet long lashes naturally however like to define them to look more dramatic and long. Now let’s be honest the ” Perfect Mascara” does not exist I tend to apply at least two different ones most of the time to really achieve the “perfect” eyelashes but nevertheless here’s what I have to say about the Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara.


     What It Claims: 

    “Eyeko Skinny Brush Mascara Long &
    Tall creates dramatic lash looks, while it’s conditioning formula locks
    in jet-black colour with incredible staying power and creates a gravity
    defying hold–leaving lashes flawless, yet soft and supple.” 

    The Brush: 

    The name says it all, the brush wand is rather ‘skinny’ , its quiet long with short bristles. The  brush works great at distributing the product on to your eyelashes and leaves you with super long and defined lashes, it is not your mega volumising mascara saying that it does still leave you with quiet dramatic lashes due to the lengthening effect it provides.

    What it does ?

    ♥ Lengthens | Extends | & Separates your lashes 

    ♥ It’s Water – Resistent | Stays put all day

    ♥ Keeps your Lashes Curled 

    ♥ Long Lasting | No Smudge Formula


    The formula is quiet thick, however very
    long lasting and it will not smudge throughout the day which is a great
    bonus because let’s be honest ladies who wants to have panda eyes?! It
    holds the lashes very well and keeps them curled and defined all day.

    The Packaging: 

    The packaging is adorable and not your usual mascara packaging. The tube is sturdy yet squeezable which allows you to get all the product out pretty easily.


    with my experience it does what it says! I  have found myself reaching
    for this mascara almost everyday and when I used others I found that I
    missed the effect that the Eyeko Mascara left me with. I have found that after applying this mascara to my lashes they look long, curled and defined what more could you want? I have been really enjoying this mascara and will be repurchasing this very soon. My only pet peeve about this is removing it, the water resistant formula makes it a little harder to get off in comparison to my other mascaras however this will not stop me from using this product.

    Quick Eyelashes Tips:

    ♥ Apply Castor Oil | Vaseline or Vitamine E every night to your lashes to help with growth

    ♥ Always Curl Your lashes before applying Mascara

    What are your Top Mascaras? 

    The product in this post was provided to me by the manufacturer for
    consideration. However this does not affect my opinion of the product in
    any way at all. All opinions are honest and come from my heart based on
    personal experience I have had with the product.



    1. January 16, 2013 / 10:24 am

      Great review, I might try when my current mascara runs out. At the minute I'm using the soap and glory mascara and I love it! Really defines my lashes xo


    2. January 16, 2013 / 10:47 am

      This looks really interesting, the whole design of it is like something I've never seen before.
      I too have quite long lashes so I may try this!

    3. January 16, 2013 / 11:37 am

      Very good review! Just discovered the whole eyeko brand and I've heard lots of good things. Will most likely buy after reading this, great post! xx

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