Hey Dolls,

Today I have a little bit of a shopping trip to share with you, I have been stuck in my room doing uni work for a few days and decided to treat myself to a few bits and pieces. I found some great bargains and over all am really happy with all the things I purchased. Yesterday I went to London with my university to visit and exhibition which turned into a disaster , our driver got lost and we ended up taking five hours to get there when it should have taken him three yiykes! it was a rather long journey and we only ended up spending two hours there but since I am from London I will be going back there soon to see my friends and family which I am so excited about . Having had so much work I had no time to go back home for a few weeks now which sucks as I do miss my fam. Today I am going to do some blogging on both on my two blogs and do some un work , then I am off to the gym , hoping to have a productive day. Also some exciting news : I have been invited to the Birmingham Fashion week and will be getting the Press & Media access so I will vlog and blog about it for you guys! Hope your all doing well.

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  1. March 6, 2013 / 5:17 pm

    looks amazing! i love shopping. ;d i love your pants too. 🙂

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