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  • Today’s post is slightly different to what I normally post but very exciting. I recently discovered the tmrw magazine had a chance to interview the founder/ creator Joe Brine.  I asked him a few questions about the magazine so that myself and all of you can find out more about the magazine and what makes it different to all the others already on the market. Having looked at their website and after listening to what Joe had to say I am impressed with the whole concept . The design of the website is very minimalistic yet eye catching and attention grabbing.The magazine seems to focus on real talent and is helping promote people who work hard and deserve it. I am waiting for my copy of the magazine to arrive and am very much looking forward to receiving it, the next issue is out this Sunday so make sure you check it out and get yourself a copy asap. 

    Here’s what Joe Brine had to say: 

     1.What encouraged / inspired you to create TMRW Magazine? 

    I was always the guy that found a track or an artist months before they became famous. I used to run a music blog and discovered the likes of Rizzle Kicks and Ed Sheeran before everyone else did! I wanted to put this into a tangible, pick up/put down product.

    2. What is different/ unique about TMRW Magazine in comparison to all the already available magazines in stores? 

    People take one look at a copy of TMRW and instantly know that it’s different. The size, the look, the feel of the paper is all different to what is currently out there. It’s not glossy, it’s not A4 and it’s not filled with just one genre of music or just one type of jumper. If I appreciate what the musician or the designer is trying to achieve and I can see how much effort is going in then I’ll get them into an issue. 

    3. What can we expect from the upcoming issues? Issue #3 

    This is potentially our best issue yet. The design is getting somewhere near what we first imagined, the content and the brand are getting stronger and the writers are starting to understand what we’re all about in terms of an ethos and direction.

    4. Describe the magazine in three words. 

    Modern, minimalistic, fresh.

    5. Is TMRW Magazine going to be released weekly or monthly?

     TMRW is going to be a quarterly publication to begin with, the intention is to go monthly in the not so distant future.

    If we appreciate what he or she is working towards and what they are trying to represent and achieve then we feel the pages of TMRW is where they belong. 

    6. The target audience are young people how will you attract them to notice your magazine? Is it by its content ? design? or both?

     I feel the content and the design of our ‘zine will absolutely attract a younger readership, purely because it’s new music and new fashion. The design of the mag is quite minimalistic and modern so that again suits a younger target audience.

    7. Are you going to offer online issues or just on paper or possibly both?

     In the future I think we might have to think about a digital version but I want to keep it a tangible product for as long as possible. I love the pick up/put down aspect of a ‘zine.

    TMRW is available from a host of stockists in the UK but if there isn’t one near you then you’ll find our back catalogue and an annual subscription button via our website and stay updated through @tmrwmag on Twitter.



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      Hey darling
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      Please let me know, i stay home, so i follow back right away!

    2. March 9, 2013 / 1:22 pm

      sounds interesting. I wonder if I could get it in Dublin.
      Have a good weekend girl xxx


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