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    I have decided to change my life style a little bit and become more healthier and toned , over the last three weeks I have been working out 4- 6 times a week and trying out new healthy meals and recipes in order to make a healthy lifestyle change. Personally I think being fit and healthy is very important and has a lot of benefits not only for your body shape wise but for you over all health. My aim is not to loose weight but tone up as I am pretty sure a lot of you ladies will be wanting to do the same I have decided to share some of my tips and what I have been doing to try and keep and maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I haven’t changed anything drastically or cut anything out completely however having said that I have cut out amounts of certain foods. We all love to treat our self from time to time and that is perfectly fine but make sure you don’t do it everyday and always aim for the healthier options if possible.  Food wise In the mornings I tend to have a protein shake and a banana with granola, lunch I either have a salad, grilled or boiled chicken, spag bolg you can have whatever you like as long as your careful with your portions and substitute things such as white pasta to whole grain pasta , brown rice, cous cous etc. I tend to make this meal my biggest as I have time to burn it off through out the day, for dinner I usually have soup  , a smoothie or fish depending on how hungry I am. If in between my meals I feel a little hungry I will have a piece of fruit,  hand full of nuts, a cereal bar or an occasional chocolate bar however if I do that I tend to go for dark chocolate or some sort of a healthier option. The food does change on daily basis as I am not a person who can eat the same thing all over again as I get bored hah. In terms of my exercise I have been going to the gym in the mornings 3 times a week and after work 2/3 times a week. I tend to switch up what I do when I get there, I always do some sort of Cardio along side my weight training as cardio is very important and since I work in an interior design company I tend to sit a lot through out the day by my desk designing. I have noticed I have a lot more energy since I have become more active and been eating healthier.

    A few tips:

    ♥ Drink lost of water add lemon to it for extra flavour and  a metabolism boosting kick 

    ♥ Boil and grill your food try and avoid frying

    ♥ Eat smaller portions but more often

    ♥ Mix up Cardio and weight training

    ♥  Have a cheat meal once a week where you eat whatever you like

    ♥ Drink Green Tea as it has a lot of antioxidants in it 

    ♥ Push yourself but know your limits 

    ♥ Plan your meals

    I hope you found this post a little helpful , let me know if you have any tips too?!    



    1. September 18, 2013 / 8:58 pm

      I'm just about to get back into this after a couple of months off from the gym with an injury. I've also been pretty naughty with what I've eaten so need to sort that out quickly! Let's do this together?!

      Jodie Marie | à la Jode

    2. September 19, 2013 / 6:55 am

      I find that exercising helps me to better cope with everyday frustrations as well, and if I haven't done anything for a while, I need to get rid of my excess energy. But don't get me wrong you have to treat yourself to nice things as well – all in moderation :o). Xx


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