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    I have heard of the impress nails a while back however never got around to trying them as I wasn’t sure how well they would last so either stuck to acrylic nails or grew my own. Recently I was kindly sent these and decided to give them a try, so far so good , they are so easy to apply and I love that the length is not too long but not too short either. 

    Each pack contains 24 nails in various sizes so that you can get the perfect fit for your nail. The first set I decided to try is this cool zebra print, I love the way they look although a litre daring for some I personally love them. When I received them I had a look at their website and the range they have is fabulous they have so many designs and colours you are bound to find a design or colour that fits you for sure.

    The application is super easy and there are instructions at the back. Prior to application I suggest you file and smooth your nail so that its clean for the application as this will pro long the wear. It takes no time and within a few minutes you are left with great nails, these would be perfect for on the go or if your running late and want your nails to look great. Although I have to say despite the glue being strong I wouldn’t put any strong pressure on them as I do feel they would have difficulty staying put. 

    My initial thoughts of these being tricky to stay put as they do not require glue were correct , they do not last unless looked after properly and applied on to a clean surface however having said that they are a great product for events, parties etc maybe not so practical on everyday basis. 

    Have you tried these what are your thoughts?



    1. January 19, 2014 / 2:14 pm

      They're a gorgeous design, but as you said, if they didn't last that long maybe they're not worth it ://

      Sharlotte // Sharlotte

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