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  •  Fake Bake Flawless Tan Liquid 

    If your anything like me and love having a bronzed skin all year around , you will be interested in this product for sure.  Fake bake have launched a numb of successful products and this one is one of them. I was impressed from the moment I opened this as I loved the smell , the soft mitt along with the fact it comes with a pump which makes the application process super easy. The colour comes out quiet dark however once worked in to the skin it  is a very subtle colour looks great , it is not orangey and leaves you with a nice slightly bronzed skin although I do have to say that one application will only give you a subtle colour if your looking for a deeper bronzed result I would recommend two applications. 

    How I apply this product?

    First I exfoliate my skin with an exfoliating glove to prepare my skin and make sure it is smooth, once I get out the shower I make sure to moisturise and I highly recommend using an oil free moisturiser as this will make sure your tan is streak free, oil has the tendency to separate the product leaving you with a streak tan. Make sure you allow time for your moisturiser to sink in prior to the application. After all the steps have been taken I spray this directly on to the skin and then immediately distribute the product using the mit and circular motion making sure it looks even all over the tinted product makes this an easy process.  

    What makes this better than other fake tans I have used?

    *It dries quicker than most fake tans.
    *It has a  gorgeous  coconut/exotic smell 
    *Has a dark guide to make it easier to apply.
    *Comes with a good mitt which makes the process of applying it a lot smoother

    *It can get messy .
    *It rubs off quite easily onto clothes or pyjamas.
    *It is more on the pricier side than other fake tanners. 

    Overall this is a fab product and worth trying for sure, its great that the colour is buildable and would work with almost all skin tones. 



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