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  • Skindinavia Make Up Finishing Spray 

    A long lasting make up is something we all like to achieve , especially those of us who lead a busy lifestyle and simply don’t have time to touch up our make up through out the day, whilst having a good foundation and setting powder helps , there is one more step you can do to pro long it even more. Personally I have not used any setting sprays before apart from the Max Studio Fix spray which I like to use to refresh my face and make up throughout the day. 

    Skindinavia Make Up Finishing Spray?

    The skindinavia make up setting sprats have a variety of finishes the two I want to introduce you to today are the no more shine and just the original finishing spray.

    The no more shine is pretty self explanatory it helps to reduce oil production and keep you shine free throughout the day. I have found that this works best for me used before I apply my make up as to spraying it afterwards , it is great at controlling oil production through the day and I find theres days I can go without touching up at all.

    The Original Make up finishing spray acts more as a setting spray and focuses mainly on prolonging it whilst holding your foundation, concealer  etc in place. It also aims to reduce the make up from setting in to your pores, lines and wrinkles 

    The Formula

    “SKINDINÄVIA has solved the vanishing makeup mystery with patented Temperature Control Technology® that forms a lightweight, breathable web on top of your makeup, holding everything in place for up to 16 hours.”

    Overall Thoughts?

    Having used these setting sprays for a good few weeks now I can honestly tell a difference when I haven’t set my make up with this in the morning, it leaves my skin looking flawless and prolongs my make up throughout the day which is a great bonus. I would definitely recommend giving these a go as they are a great high quality products and are suitable for any skin type as they carry a wide range of products designed for different needs. 

    What do you think of make up setting sprays?



    1. March 16, 2014 / 7:45 am

      Thanks for sharing! I've never actually used the skindinavia or urban decay setting sprays because I'm worried I'll break out. Maybe one day I will come around.

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