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  • The secret for a healthier and glowing
    skin does not depend purely on the content of your make up bag but on
    your diet which is something a lot of us tend to neglect due to our
    busy lifestyles constantly being on the go. Consuming processed and
    high in sugar foods not only adds pounds to our waistline but also
    results in dull and in some cases spotty complexion which is
    something none of us want especially with the summer season coming

    Glowing complexion can be achieved in
    just a few days if the right steps are taken and the best part about
    this , a fortune does not need to be spent in order to achieve this.

    Here’s some glowing skin tips and
    tricks as well as dietary secrets and tips which will make a a huge
    difference in the appearance of your skin and leave you looking

    Antioxidants found in foods such as
    berries, green tea, spin ache , sweet potatoes and hazelnuts. These
    will flush out the toxins out of your skin but also prevent diseases
    such as cancer and heart disease. Since hazelnuts are not only great
    for your skin but hair too as they contain biotin and you’re a bit
    of Nutella lover like ourselves try making your own Nutella by
    simply blending hazelnuts, coconut oil and coca butter for a great
    healthy nut spread.

    Essential Fatty acids which are found
    in omge 3 and fish supplements as well as actual fish such as salmon
    have a huge effect on not only your skin but hair too , so it’s a
    double win. Include these in your diet instead of the processed fats
    to improve your health and skin condition.

    Sunscreen yes I know this is something
    you probably heard so many times before but wearing a sunscreen
    everyday is the easiest way too look younger in the long term. Up to
    90% of wrinkles are the cause of sun exposure, that applies not only
    in the summer but all year round ladies.

    A simple and pretty obvious step is
    simply cleaning your make up brushes on regular basis, there is a lot
    of bacteria that can get trapped if you do not wash them on regular
    basis which will be applied on to your skin resulting in acne and
    blocked pores.

    Last and a pretty crucial step is to
    get some sleep as that is when your skin cells regenerate and
    reproduce. Apply a face oil each night to speed the healing and
    repairing process of your skin whilst you sleep and you will have the
    glow each morning. You can apply something as simple as coconut or
    almond oil or a regenerating serum both will work wonders.

    What are your glowing skin tips?



    1. April 2, 2014 / 11:47 am

      Amazing post I love the tips and unfortunately I am allergic to hazelnuts but do love almonds <3 I also drink green tea daily and just got into the habit of using coconut oil for loads of different things xx


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