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    The last few weeks have been hectic , I
    have officially moved back to  London! I moved to Cardiff to
    study Interior Designer at University over four years ago .. Gosh it
    seems like such a long time ago yet feels like it was just
    yesterday!! University was a blast and I can honestly say it was the
    best three years of my life I met some amazing people, experienced the
    good and the bad sides of it and ended up with an Interior Design
    degree which landed me a job straight after graduating which I was
    stoked about and of course said Yes straight away! It was one of the
    best decisions I made as it has taught me so much and of course in
    any industry experience is priceless but it got to a point where I
    felt I needed a change , sometimes life throws things your way which
    you don’t expect , stress takes over your life and you feel a little
    lost which is I guess how I began to feel at one point , all of my
    family live here in London  and although I had their support and
    the support of my friends I felt like I just wanted a change a fresh
    start and felt like in London I would have more opportunities career wise too so I
    began to look at the options and here I am although I wasn’t
    expecting to move back so quickly but everything happens for a reason and I am exciting to begin a new chapter in my life although I am going to miss my Cardiff friends a lot!!

    Since I have moved back its been hectic I have had a few job interviews which is exciting , I also attended Jamie Laing’s Party in London at No.5Cavendish last Wednesday  which was such a fun experience as well as tried to keep up with this blog which I am officially back on track with after taking three days off to just finish unpacking and sort out a few more things but I am  back on track so will be back to posting everyday yay! I have organized myself at last and decided I will be posting a mixture of fashion and beauty posts to mix it up and keep the content of my blog varied.Hello to all my new followers and thank you for all your lovely comments they really do make my day!

    I hope your all having a great Bank Holiday Weekend. 



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