• Fall 2018 appears to be a season of multiple trends, refreshingly this years runaways were filled …
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  • This weekend I visited one of my friend’s in Cardiff for her birthday and had such a blast! I only moved back down from Cardiff a few months ago after living there for four years so it was great to see everyone and have a catch up with some of my old friends.She organised a BBQ and a house party which was lovely and we deffo did party hard and made the most out of it. The following day we went out for lunch in Penarth by a beach which was so beautiful and relaxing but I am now back in London and ready to get back to work. 

    I have been thinking of ways to improve my blog for a while and I decided I want to give my  blog a bit of a makeover , nothing too big I simply want to organise my weekly posts so that there is some what of a structure to it, what I mean by that is  I want to have a schedule to what posts go up on what day I feel like that way it will be more organised and there will be a good variations of posts from fashion, beauty, lifestyle and maybe a little bit of fitness too?!  

    I started of as a beauty blogger but I discovered my love for fashion and as you have probably seen if your a regular reader of my blog I have been doing quiet a few fashion related posts which I love doing so these will continue to make an appearance on my blog I simply just want my blog to be more varied and interesting. If you have any ideas or posts that you would like to see me do please do let me know any feedback I would really appreciate. Hope your all having a great week. xo



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