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  • A few weeks back I was invited to the Glam Glow event as they were launching their products in Mark’s& Spencer’s , I was pretty excited to be attending , I have heard so many good things about this mask I was interested in finding out more about the brand. 

    The event was a great turn out, the founders of Glam Glow told us all about the products and how the brand began it was actually quiet inspiring to listen to their story as they started off with $80 experiment which turned out to be an absolute success , Glam Glow is now an international brand, with many beauty awards and a very positive feedback from Celebrities to us bloggers. 

    They originally created this product as a ‘behind the scenes use in Holywood’s entertainment industry’ it was a product designed to be a quick fix to have camera ready and glowing complexion. 

    So what makes GLAMGLOW different to all the products out there?

    All GLAMGLOW products contain very high quality ingredients to help you get that glow and great results in such a short amount of time and literally be a quick fix on those days when you really need one. 

    The brand did start of with a mask only however since they had such great feedback they have expanded and how launched an eye treatment, a hydrating treatment as well as a newer exfoliating face mask.

    I have tried and tested them all and below written short reviews of all their products.

    YOUTHMUD® TinglexfoliateTreatment (£49.50, 50g, £25.00, 15g)

     What They Claim:gives
    instant skin gratification; a 10 minute ‘Facial in a Jar’ this incredible
    exfoliating mud mask treatment will brighten, tighten and smooth skin in one
    hit. Containing Volcanic Minerals, French Sea Clay and TEAOXI® it will deliver everything you need for Super Radiant Skin.

    My Opinion: Personally I have used this a few times and can assure you this face mask is fabulous, it feels very light on the skin unlike other mud face mask which I find can feel quiet heavy and uncomfortable this is not the case with this one. It has very fine grains which you notice once you apply this  which are there to be used as a gentle exfoliator once the mask has set , to remove it your suppose to use gentle circular motions which will gently remove all the dead skin cells. After just a few uses I noticed my skin looks a lot more radiant and vibrant, this product is a must have for anyone who would like a clearing but also brightening treatment, its almost one of those multifunctional products that actually works. Rating 5/5

    SUPERMUD®Clearing Treatment (£34.99, 30g) 

    What they claim: is
    a ‘Wonder Solution’, renewing and clearing the skin as it sweeps away
    impurities and toxins. Amazingly detoxifying it’s fantastic for fighting all
    common skin concerns, restoring and rejuvenating as the unique pore-matrix
    extracts congestion for seemingly poreless skin. Use as a complete facial mask
    or as a one-spot treatment.

    My Opinion: This really helps to clear out your pimples and spots , don’t be afraid if after the first few uses you do get a pimple or too , the mask is simply purifying your skin and bringing out all the ‘imperfections’ pretty grim I know hah but I can assure you with regular use your skin really does improve and I have noticed my pores are looking a lot better too which is something I struggle with , I find my skin hardly ever gets pimples its more blackheads and whiteheads that tend to be my concerns. Rating 5/5

    BRIGHTMUD® Eye Treatment (£34.99.00, x12 Chrome Cells) the World’s first Tap-On-Wipe
    Off non-drying mud treatment with pioneering FrostWipeTM technology,
    an innovative application delivery system infuses powerful active ingredients. Whilst
    14% Nitroffeine, a powerful blend of six caffeine sources
    gives instant awakening results.
    After just three minutes, wipe off (No Water Required!) dark circles, puffiness
    and fine lines are magically reduced, revealing Super Bright Eyes.

    My Opinion: This product I liked but didn’t love if I’m honest, whilst I did find my eye area felt hydrated looked brighter and tighter , it didn’t completely banish my dark circles which is a lot to expect from a product you could say . It is a great quick fix although it is a little pricey so I don’t think I would repurchase that for now.   Rating: 3/5

    Hydrating Treatment (£50.00, 50g) harnesses the newest, most advanced active
    technologies to promote extreme hydration for instant and cumulative results. Dewdration™, HydraPack™, GreenEnergy™ and TEAOXI® deliver a ‘Thirst-Quenching Hit’ to defeat de-hydrated skin
    restoring moisture leaving Heart Pounding Glowing Skin.

    My Opinion: This product is going to be a must have this winter, although for now I find it a little too rich as I do have combo skin I did find using is it once a week only has worked perfectly and made my skin feel and look brighter and glowing. This product smells divine and feels luxurious on the skin , it  sinks in to your skin pretty fast and left overnight you will wake up with super soft and brighter skin. I would recommend this to anyone with dry skin for sure but even if your like me and don’t suffer from dry patches use this as a treatment once in a while and you will notice visible results for sure. Rating 4/5

    Have you tried any of the Glam Glow Products? 




    1. August 19, 2014 / 8:15 am

      Wow what a great opportunity! Looks like you had a wonderful time 🙂

      I personally love the Tinglexfoliate treatment, it leaves my skin feeling really refreshed and super soft – not surprised that you love it too! Unfortunately almost ran out of my sample size, wish I could afford to buy the full size haha 🙁

      I'd also love to try the other products, they all sound fab!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog!

      Laura ♥ | http://www.laurasallmadeup.com/
      Bloglovin' | Google + | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

      • August 20, 2014 / 6:04 am

        its such a good one! aw maybe you could ask someone to buy it for your birthday or xmas 🙂 xx

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