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  • Image Source: http://www.riobeauty.co.uk/quick-waxer-hair-remover-2.html

     Hair removal is something all of us girls can relate to, personally I prefer waxing over threading or tweezing as I find it is the most effective and long lasting way of hair removal. I was recently kindly sent this Rio Quick Waxer which I was pretty excited to try  out as the only waxing removal products I have used before were the strips which I never found very effective in my experience. 

    This RIO kit is such a great and quick easy way to get rid of any unwanted facial hair, I have been using this on my eyebrows and have been very happy with the results I have been achieving. The product warms up in under five minutes and the no strip formula removes pretty much all of your hairs  and makes it super quick and easy not to mention mess free which was a massive bonus for me.

    The process itself is super easy , simply warm up the wax in the little heating pan , string it every few minutes making sure the wax is  a little runny. Once it has melted you use the spatula to apply the wax in a thick coat making sure you apply it in the direction of the hair growth. Allow it to cool down  for a few seconds and simply peel it off in one quick motion. It is important to cool down the area afterwards so do use a cold cloth or a soothing cream afterwards to make sure your skin is not left irritated . This sounds easy enough right?!  If you would like to find out more click here.

    Overall thoughts:

     A great product worth trying for sure especially if your into waxing and need and easy mess free product. I would say the kit could do with some wipes in order to use after the process or some sort of a solution just to wipe of any excess but apart from that considering this was my first attempt using such a  waxing kit I was very impressed with the results I achieved.

    Have you used any waxing kits , if so what was your experience with them?



      • September 30, 2014 / 8:53 am

        your welcome! I totally recommend it 🙂 and of course I will xx

    1. September 30, 2014 / 3:38 pm

      This sounds quite interesting, I normally get my brows waxed/threaded not sure about doing it myself though!


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