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  • Bonjour chicas, Today we are talking hair care, now this is something I am personally very big on being someone who use to be blond for years I have to admit I have done some damage to my hair but I am currently on a journey to get my hair back to a pretty good condition and having discovered this pretty amazing brand I think I may be getting there a lot sooner. Of course there is no miracle potion to instantly repair the hair shaft however with the use of the right products and care it is achievable for sure. 

    A few weeks back I was very kindly invited by The Unleashed Potential to have a complimentary KeraStraight treatment done at the Salon Interntional Event hosted in London which I was super stoked about and am so happy with the final results after the treatment. Everyone I met at the event was super lovely and the girl that styled my hair was an absolute babe. I had the chance not only to experience the amazing results of their products but meeting the lovely team behind it all. 

    I was then very kindly invited to their next event at the Trevor Sorbie Salon where they were launching their products and treatments. Ladies the Fact that the amazing Trevor Sorbie which I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting to you is launching this brand at his Salons must say something about the brand. I have not heard about the brand prior to them contacting me however I am so glad o have discovered them because if your someone who uses hair extensions this brand is the one for you , their products work beautifully on both your hair and the extensions. Below you can discover a little bout their brand.

    At the event which was hosted by the Unleashed Potential and LookFantastic team we all got to meet the lovely team and had a personalised consultation so that our goodie bags were filled with products specifically designed for our hair needs which I thought was a fantastic idea as that way you’re sure that the products your getting are designed to help you achieve the results your after with your hair care routine.

    Your were also able to get the treatment done at the event which was super kind of them however as I mentioned above I already had the treatment done a few weeks prior to the event so on this occasion I did not participate in this .

     Of course we were very well looked after with both soft and alcoholic drinks and some amazing canapés with such lovely stuff.

     I also got the opportunity too meet some lovely new bloggers I have not met before Emilykebeauty , and the gorgeous and ever so lovely Gracie Francesca which I am sure you all know who she is! It was great to meet some fellow bloggers and have a bit of a girly chat with them all.

    I have been trying and testing all the products that I kindly received at the event and am actually loving them all however the two product I would really recommend you try is their KerraStraight Oil which is a beautiful lightweight oil that adds instant moisture and shine to your hair without making it look greasy or weighing it down which I find a lot of oils do. The second product which I have fallen in love with is their moisture treatment it is such a luxurious product it really adds a shot of moisture to the hair just after one use so I am really looking forward to seeing the results after a few months. The moisture pack treatment has also been very beloved by my mum who’s been using it with me and has been loving just as much as me. As to the rest of the products I will do full reviews of them all very soon but I am still in the process of testing them out .Once again a bit thank you to everyone involved in both of the events I had a blast!!

    Have you tried this brand before? If so what was your opinion of this brand?



    1. November 11, 2014 / 3:51 pm

      This seems like such a fun event! And I know what you're going through with the hair problems, as I'm having some at this very moment, but just like you, I have found quite a few products I'm currently obsessed with.


      • November 11, 2014 / 11:13 pm

        it takes time but with the right products its achievable! xx

    2. November 11, 2014 / 4:03 pm

      Looks so much fun, beautiful reviews.


    3. November 12, 2014 / 3:05 am

      what an exciting event!! we've never heard of this brand before, but we'll have to check it out because it sounds really good!

      M + K

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