About Me



I’m  Paulina a 26  Year old  Blogger,  Fashion Lover , Interior Designer & Fitness Enthusiast. I have always had the desire to create , combining that passion with business my goal is to create a platform to inspire women and help them turn their passion to a profitable lifestyle.  This platform is the home of a little bit of everything from Fashion, Beauty to Lifestyle & Business, in other words all things that I truly love and enjoy . It allows me to share my tips and inspiration across all of the categories mentioned above in the hope to help others find their true passion whether you’re interested in Fashion , Beauty or Business I hope to provide you with it all.

I have always had big dream and I can honestly say I never liked the idea of following a traditional career path , my creative mind has always told me otherwise.

I knew I wanted to combine my passion for Beauty, Fashion, Interiors & Business and create a lifestyle that fulfilled , allowed me to contribute to people’s lives and most importantly allowed me to be the creative person I am.