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I’m  Paulina a 26  Year old  Blogger,  Fashion Lover , Interior Designer & Fitness Enthusiast. Thisgirlloveschic.com started as a hobby at University, now its place for me to share my love for anything beauty, fashion & fitness related. 

This platform is the home of a little bit of everything from Fashion, Beauty to Lifestyle & Fitness, in other words all things that I truly love and enjoy. It allows me to share my tips and inspiration across all of the categories mentioned above. Being a creative kinda gal I enjoy having a creative corner on the internet where I can create content I am truly passionate about.

Being part of the blogging community has opened up the doors to lots of new opportunities which I am very grateful for.Over the years I had the chance to work with many amazing brands such as Benefit, Lorea’l, Sleek, Quiz, Na-kd and many more. Attending the London Fashion Week over the last few years has been one of many highlights of my bloggin journey which I am excited to continue with. 

If you would like to work with me please contact me at: paulinasiedlecka01@gmail.com 



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