I am going to do a #BrandFocus series over the next few weeks where I choose top products from the brands I am using at the moment whether it be make up , skincare , haircare etc to share with you guys some of the products I have been really loving lately. 

Today’s Brand is Inglot which I have not used in ages honestly speaking due to a bad experience with one of their foundations which I just did not get on with, I was in need of a new concealer a few weeks ago and stepped into the Inglot counter which I was passing by in Westfield and decided to give it a go but of course I did not just leave with a concealer but two other items too oops… to my defence I was in need of a new setting powder, lip liner not so much but hey it turned out to be one of my current essential everyday products now so it was a good impulse purchase right? haha!


I simply adore this product , it is perfect for using under the eyes or to concealing spots , redness etc. due to its full coverage it instantly blurs out any imperfections, despite being full coverage it does not feel or look cakey on the skin at all once blended it. Personally I apply this product using a damp sponge which gives you a gorgeous airbrushed finish to the skin. I would say that if you have very dry skin this might not be as suitable for you as the product formula is not very moisturising for anyone with a combination to oily skin this is perfect as I find the product stays matte once set throughout the day.


This is a beautiful lightweight setting powder that adds a matte finish to the skin however due to light reflecting finish it adds a slight bit of luminosity at the same time which I love. The powder is very fine and applies on to the skin very smoothly leaving your skin flawless. It work great at setting your make up without feeling heavy on the skin.


Lip Liners have become big once again as so many of us try to achieve the famous Kylie Jenner Lip. This gorgeous rosy nude colour is perfect to get that look. Inglot’s range of Full Metal Lip liners are  two sided lip pencil with lip liner brush on one side and a lip colour at the opposite side. The product itself has a softer formula to your standard lip liner as it contains shea butter which is a good thing as it is not as drying on the lips. Despite the slightly more softer and moisturising formula it still stays put very well on the lips throughout the day. 

Have you tried Inglot Products? 


Hey Dolls, Today I have a pretty special post where each and every single one you can get involved with, a few months ago I was asked if I would be voluntarily be willing to get involved with the #weartbeatit foundation which deals with heart and circulatory disease and of course without hesitation I said yes simply because although this is not something I am personally affected by I am aware of how many of our friends and family have been or are going through this and If it means that we can help even just a little bit it could potentially save someones life.

How to get involved?

Its so simple and easy to get involved there simply is no excuses. All the British Heart foundation are asking you to do is show of anything red on the 6th of February which is the Official Date of the #wearitbeatit event, it could be a red top, lipstick , shoes , nail polish the possibilities are endless!! Simply share it with your friends and family on your social media accounts and be sure to use the hashtag #wearitbeatit but you could also host and event click here for more information and how the BHF are willing to help you out on this. If hosting an event is not something you can do you can simply donate here no matter how big or small your donation is it all adds up and really helps anyone affected by this.

MUSIC IN THE VIDEO BY:http://www.bensound.com

Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity and the largest
independent funder of cardiovascular research. Their research has
been central to the discoveries of vital treatments that are
helping to change the face of the UK’s fight against
cardiovascular disease.


Wella SP Luxeoil Keratin Restore Mask Review £14.70

infused hair products have been very popular lately, keratin is what
the outer layer of our hair consists of so it only makes sense to use
products which have been infused with it to strengthen our hair which
in results will leave the hair more silky , less frizzy and in a much
better condition.

was recently sent this Wella SP Luxeoil Keratin Restore Mask form Hairtrade , having never tried any wella Sp Luxeoil range I was
very excited to give this a go.

Wella SP Claim?

for weak, damaged and dry hair, Wella Sp Luxeoil Keratin Restore Mask
150ml is an intensive treatment which works to reconstruct the hair
fiber, leaving your locks smooth and soft to the touch.

with a special combination of lightweight polymers and an expert
blend of luxurious oils, including argan, jojoba and almond, this
nourishing mask will dramatically improve the appearance and texture
of your hair, leaving it looking lustrous and full of vitality.
Suitable for all hair types, it works from within to return your
locks to their former glory. – L.M.

Here is a photo of my hair after I used the treatment and just blow dried my hair! As you can see from the photos my left was left looking super shiny , bouncy and soft!


have been using the Wella Sp Luxeoil Kertain treatment  for just over three weeks so I am still
in the process of testing it out however having said that after using
this product I felt like my hair was left softer , smoother and very
easy to comb through which I struggle with sometimes as my hair has
the tendency to knot very quickly and easily making it impossible to
brush through when damp.

smell is divine and the formula of the product has a thick creamy
consistency however does not weigh your hair down which is amazing
for a deep reconstructing product as I am sure most of you know that
some deep treatments can leave your hair looking a little flat.

so far I m very happy with the results after using this treatment on
my hair, I will do an updated review of this in a month or so. I had
a look in to the whole range which looks great and I will be looking
to try some more of this range once I have finished my current
shampoo’s and hair oils which I am using.

you ever tried this Wella SP Luxe Keratin Range?

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/ more natural skincare has been becoming a ‘ beauty thing’ over the
last few months and more brands are coming out with products which
are natural and contain less chemicals. I have not so long ago
discovered the SUKIN Brand and was very curious to try it out. Being
on the look out for new night cream I came across this SUKIN Moisture Restoring Night Cream and decided to give it a go.

formula of the SUKIN Night Cream is semi thick but it glides over the skin
very easily and absorbs very well without leaving an oily residue. I
actually did a test where I switched up my night cream for a day (
after using this moisturiser for just over a month) and went back to
the Sukin moisturiser the next day to see if I did see any results
and just out of curiosity . After my little beauty experiment I found
that when I apply this product at night my skin feely and looked a
lot more plump and nourished in the morning with a super soft finish.
Another great discovery I’ve made over testing out this product is
that even though I wake up with soft and very nourished skin I don’t
have that oily residue on the skin when I wake up which having
combination skin I have found that with some night creams I have used
in the past I would wake up with a rather greasy looking skin which
is not ideal nor attractive.

product I feel has pretty much everything you need in a night cream
especially if your into something natural, paraben free and nourshing
oils based. The cream contains a mixture of natural oils from avocado
oil, evening primorse oil , jojoba oil and many more which are great
at restoring and replenishing your skin especially at night as this
is the time your skin renews itself.

Packaging: SUKIN as a brand have a quiet simple almost organic feel to their packaging
which I really like. With this particular product it comes in glass
jar which I personally prefer to a standard plastic one not only does
it look nicer I feel it gives the product a more luxurious feel to
but thats just me being fussy haha. I do however feel that as it
comes in a jar some of us find that a little unhygienic dipping our
fingers in there everyday but I have found a simple yet effective
solution to this, simply use a cotton bud to pick out the product
form the tub dot it around your face massage it and your done ( so
smart of me right 😉 haha ?) .

Overal I am very happy with the product so far and will be trying out some more of their skincare range. The brand has multiple products from cleansers, scrubs and oils designed for any skin type.
Have you heard or tried SUKIN before?

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If you haven’t already started your Christmas shopping it is probably time to start thinking about it as theres only 12 days and that makes me super excited, personally I love Christmas along with some quality family time and of course not to mention the amazing food that comes with it and just the whole festive vibe. I have put together a last minute Chrimbo guide  under £100 which hopefully should help some of you out or give you some ideas on what gifts to  buy this year. Personally I would be very happy with pretty much anything on this list , some of the items above are perfecto for a smaller stocking gift whereas others would make a great festive treat from you to your closest. 

What gifts have you bought this year?

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