Hello Beauties, so I decided to be a bit spontaneous and dye my hair a dark brown colour ,I am so pleased I have done it, I wasn’t too happy with the colour I had over the last few  months which I did get done professionally in a salon but the colour just didn’t seem right. I have been wanting to go dark for a while but was always too scared to do it until I just decided to go for it..  I did a lot of research about home hair dyes and which one to go for on Sunday night and just went for it last night. The dye I ended up using is the Lorea’l creme Gloss in the shade Iced Chocolate , now I have never used a boxed at home dye before but this drip free semi-permament formula was very easy to use and made the whole process stress free. I think the hardest decision was picking the actual colour with the wide variety of brown shades and tones I wasn’t sure which one to pick but ended up sticking to the Iced Chocolate which I am very pleased with although I was expecting the colour to be a little lighter I am very happy with the dark glossy shade it has left me with, perhaps leaving it for a little less time would solve that issue if your contemplating trying out the shade but don’t want to be left with such a  dark of a shade at the end.  The Lorea’l Creme Gloss dye overall gets a bit thumbs up from me, it left my hair feeling super soft with  a glossy and vibrant colour.

As It was a spontaneous decisions prior to this I have already ordered some new human hair extensions from KB Hairextensions but in a light brown shade so I decided to take another risk and dye the hair extensions too although I was a little worried it would damage my new hair it worked really well and as you can see from the photo above the hair is still silky soft and shiny now this shows the high quality of hair and the fact the dye is not very damaging on the hair as extensions do have the tendency to get damaged a lot faster than your own hair. 

KB Hairextension is a brand I have never tried out before but having looked at their site I was very keen to try them out, they hold a wide range of hair and were even mentioned in Cosmopolitan Magazine which having received the hair I can understand why. The hair feels very high quality , is silky and blends in with your natural hair very well, now of course now all I have to do is put them to the test and see how I get on with them for the next few weeks but I will do an updated review for sure. 

What do you think of my new hair colour? 

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talk a little make up today, in particular the brand Elf. Now Elf is
one of those very affordable brands which have a great range of
products which I would say some people underestimate whilst just like
any other brand yes not all of their products are phenomenal there
are some which are absolute gorgeous and are absolute bargains.

I wanted to talk to you about a newish addition to their studio line,
The Studio Elf Blush Palette.The palette hold four gorgeous shades
which is great as it can be used for various looks. With a mixture of
both matte and shimmery shades which is great as you get a selection
of product within a small palette . The shimmery shades are very
wearable as the shimmer is very subtle and not over powering which
can be the case with a lot of products which do contain a bit of
glitter inside them.

texture , finish and pigmentation of this product is of a high
quality and luxurious product, which being honest I was very
impressed with , I have used some of their powder type products
before and felt like they did not reach my standards however it is
not the case with this product. All of the four shades have a butter
smooth and extremely pigmented texture so do apply these with light
hand and build it up for a more intense look.

particularity like the packaging of this product ,the matte finish
gives it a chic , sleek look. It contains a built in mirror which is
great and perfect if you are travelling or on the go. Another great
thing about this palette is that the individual pans can be popped
out so if you are able to customise your colours as they do the
pallets in dark and light for different skin tones. The palette I
have is in the darker shades but as you can see they are still very
wearable and flattering.

The main thing I would improve on with this palette is possibly naming or numbering the colours so that it is easier to reference to them. Nevertheless the shades that come in the darker palette are as seen below. All four shades in my opinion are very pretty and versatile would suit many skin tones. 

this is such a great product at such an affordable price it retails
at £7 which I personally think is amazing for the quality of the
high pigmented product and the choice of colours you receive. Trying
out this product reminded me I need to try out their products more
often and I am looking forward to placing an order with them so will
be having more elf product reviews for ya’ll soon.Get your Elf Blush Palette here.




 Cleansing balms have been around for a few years now and they seem to be really taking over the world of cleansers in the skincare world. For anyone who is new to the cleansing balm concept, they are an oil based cleanser that remains solid in room temperature but once it gets in contact with your skin it melts and cleanses your skin removing any traces of make up.

As I mentioned above there are many out there but today I wanted to talk to you about one particular brand called AD Skin Synergy who provide the finest natural and organic skincare range which has been designed in such  a way that they are suitable for every skin type , hello simple yet effective skincare! Now personally I have only discovered the brand recently and after only trying their cleanser only I am very keen to try out the rest of the range which says a lot in my opinion as when it comes to skincare I am a very picky person.

Organic and natural skincare has become pretty big over the last few years and if that is something your keen to convert to, girl I got some good news for you. AD Skin synergy products are free from petrochemicals, artificial perfumes, parabens and colorants meaning your not putting any nasty chemicals on your skin which can lead to irritation and redness on the skin not to mention unnecessary skin damage.

The Actual Cleanser?

The product’s come beautifully packaged and your provided with a muslim cloth which seem to work best when used together due to the cleansing balm being very gentle the muslim cloth acts as your gentle exfoliator.  The product is very simple to use , I simply take a little pea sized amount warm up the product in between my hands and gently massage it on to your skin for a few minutes once you’ve completed that step wet your muslim cloth in warm water and start cleansing the skin. Now this will remove most of your make up however I am a double cleanse kinda girl as I like to make sure all of the dirt and make up is off my face the next step is optional you can either repeat this step or go in with your ordinary cleanser which is what I tend to do as that works best for my skin type.

Why should you try a cleansing balm?

So now that you know all about the concept behind it , you might be wondering why should you splurge out on this particular product. In my experience cleansing balms really make a difference in your skin and its condition, having used one before eliminating it from my routine and now bringing it back I can honestly say it makes a huge difference to the appearance of your skin. Cleansing balms have a lot of essential oils which not only feel relaxing due to their natural scent once applied to the skin they are very clever in a way that no matter what your skin type they will adjust to your skin needs hence why they are suitable for all skin types. I notice my skin feels more nourished and glowing when this is part of my routine I think this is particularly a must have product in winter when the air is very cold and harsh on the skin.

Overall this product has a huge thumbs up from me, it works great at removing make up , does not irritate the skin , leaves your skin balanced and not stripped from the natural oils which is what a lot of cleansing products tend to do. Click here to check out AD Skin Synergy and their organic range of products.

Have you used a cleansing balm before?



Hair care is something I am pretty big on and always on the look out for the latest product launches which are designed for dry and damaged hair. Being blonde for over 6 years until last year did some pretty bad ass damage to my hair and I am now on a missions to try and get it back to a good condition.  During my recent visit at the hairdressers whilst going through magazines I came across an article about hair repairing products of which one of them was the Palmers Coconut Oil hair range which I have seen in shops before but never really showed much interest in the products for some odd reasons , which is strange considering I am a big fan of using organic coconut oil as a treatment. Nevertheless I picked up both the shampoo and conditioner and have totally fallen in love with both products. 

A little about the Products: 

The products contain coconut oil, keratin as well as vitamin e all of the ingredients mentioned have a great impact on repairing your hair and are all natural which is a bonus for anyone like me who colours their hair as it won’t strip your colour off. On top of all of that the shampoo is sulfate and paraben free which is great as those two ingredients are known to be pretty damaging on the hair and tend to dry it out.

Shampoo: Feelunique: £3.99 

The shampoo has a white creamy consistency with a coconut scent to it which personally I really like, although it is paraben and sulfate free it does lather pretty well for an organic shampoo and I find it doesn’t strip my hair or leave it feeling straw like intact the opposite it leaves it tangle free and super easy to manage. I found that this shampoo left my hair cleansed yet still provided me with moisture and manageability to my hair even when the conditioner wasn’t used which is pretty impressive in my opinion. 

Conditioner: Feelunique: £3.99

The conditioner has a pretty thick almost like a treatment consistency but it is super easy to spread through the hair. The scent is pretty much the same as the shampoo which is pretty strong and does linger for a while. I tend to leave this conditioner on for ten to fifteen minutes to really deeply condition my hair and find I am left with silky , soft and tangle free hair after. This is by far one of the best inexpensive treatments I have used in a while! I have tried and tested many conditioners from the most expensive ones to the cheaper ones and this product is totally worth the hype. 


These products are divine and I can honestly say it has been a while since I’ve loved a drugstore hair care product so much. The consistency and ingredients of both of the products are very impressive not to mention how well they work. I have only been using this for about three weeks and am very impressed with the results I had so far so am very much looking forward to the long term effects of this shampoo. Of course it is very important to switch up  your hair care so that your hair doesn’t get use to a product or it will stop working however I can assure you this will be part of my routine for a very long time in the near future.

Have you tried the Plamer’s Coconut Oil Hair Range?


Image Source: http://www.riobeauty.co.uk/quick-waxer-hair-remover-2.html

 Hair removal is something all of us girls can relate to, personally I prefer waxing over threading or tweezing as I find it is the most effective and long lasting way of hair removal. I was recently kindly sent this Rio Quick Waxer which I was pretty excited to try  out as the only waxing removal products I have used before were the strips which I never found very effective in my experience. 

This RIO kit is such a great and quick easy way to get rid of any unwanted facial hair, I have been using this on my eyebrows and have been very happy with the results I have been achieving. The product warms up in under five minutes and the no strip formula removes pretty much all of your hairs  and makes it super quick and easy not to mention mess free which was a massive bonus for me.

The process itself is super easy , simply warm up the wax in the little heating pan , string it every few minutes making sure the wax is  a little runny. Once it has melted you use the spatula to apply the wax in a thick coat making sure you apply it in the direction of the hair growth. Allow it to cool down  for a few seconds and simply peel it off in one quick motion. It is important to cool down the area afterwards so do use a cold cloth or a soothing cream afterwards to make sure your skin is not left irritated . This sounds easy enough right?!  If you would like to find out more click here.

Overall thoughts:

 A great product worth trying for sure especially if your into waxing and need and easy mess free product. I would say the kit could do with some wipes in order to use after the process or some sort of a solution just to wipe of any excess but apart from that considering this was my first attempt using such a  waxing kit I was very impressed with the results I achieved.

Have you used any waxing kits , if so what was your experience with them?


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