Beauty boxes is something  our beauty obsessed selves are very familiar with, it all began a while back and now there is such a wide variety of boxes which in my opinion is good in a way as everyone can find one that suits their preferences. Recently there’s been a new launch in the UK of a Parisian beauty box called My Little Box which aims to ” delight and surprise you every month’. The style, packaging and concept seemed right pup my street when I received the press release of My little box and it sure did live up to it standards when it arrived at my doorstep. It has already gone pretty huge in France and it has a lot of potential to be just as successful in the UK as the Parisian brand really explored the concept of a beauty box and made it that little bit more personal and unique whilst adding a few changes to the experience with the way they presented the box but also to the items you find inside.

What’s hiding inside My Little Box?

Each box has unique items in it that vary , from beauty products to fashion and lifestyle accessories , a magazine ( always good to have a few of those for those pampering nights ey 😉 ) illustrated goodies and as the brand claims ‘other surprises too’. In addition to all of the above they do hold a range of their own products which you will be able to try out as each box will contain one item from their collection which is great , this allows us beauty obsessed chicas to discover new brands and products at a very affordable price. 

How it works and how much is it ?

The Subscription itself is a very easy process , it puts you on an automatic pay monthly contract but your welcome to cancel that at anytime without any further costs.The Box itself retails at £11 ( plus £3.95 delivery cost) so technically it adds up to £14.95 a month which if you think about it is not a lot at all considering you will be receiving a box full of goodies every month , I have had a good look at the brand and they work with some of the biggest beauty names out there from Clarins, Givenchy  to Dove and Benefit so a great range of both high end and drugstore products will be delivered to you each month. 

Overall Thoughts?!

I personally loved the first one which I was kindly sent and will be joining the club , I loved the box it came in and the products impressed me to , I was especially drawn to this particular box as its a varied one whilst you still get your beauty goodies you also receive some fab unexpected gifts too , plus I am totally loving the concept of receiving a little present every month.

What do you think of Beauty Boxes?


Today lets talk beauty the subject I am addressing today is laser hair removal.This is something I have considered many times , laser Hair Removal is known to be a’ safe and pretty much pain free hair removal method which has been popular to help remove those so called unwanted hair.’ Of course with so many hair removal methods out there these days it can be mind blowing deciding what option is best for you at least thats what I have found to be quiet tricky. Personally I think it’s best to do a little research so your aware what makes each one stand out,prior to writing this post I did a bit of homework to help us all out and find out what makes it different to other similar methods out there.

I have collaborated with sk:n to introduce you to their laser hair removal treatment but also to get myself more familiar with the treatment if I do end up proceeding with it. I have previously used their skincare so I was very familiar with they brand as they have such a great and wide range of products for pretty much any skin type I was excited and keen to find out about their treatments too. Sk:n are all about the aftercare,having read their website I noticed they want to makes us ladies aware that after care is just as important as the actual treatment which I think is the case with many treatments.They will advise you on how to maintain your hair free skin but also consult you prior to the treatment where test patches are done in order to make sure  the treatments runs smoothly and with no complications, this is something that attracted me to their laser treatment , they provide you with a lot more than just the treatment itself.  Sk:n are kindly giving away vouchers to their non surgical treatments to anyone who uses their laser hair removal treatments which is great as you are able to try out any other treatments they may have on offer , we all love a freebie lets be honest and who doesn’t like to be pampered so I personally think its fab they do this as not only is this helping them get their treatments out there it’s a bonus for us ladies too as technically we are getting two treatments for the price of one , think I can deal with that hehe! 

Let’s get a little serious and Technical, below are a few of the main FAQ’s That The Sk:n have put together to make it easy for us laser hair removal newbies easier if you would like to find out more simply click here to have a browse through their website. 

How does the treatment work?

The laser is attracted to the dark pigment in hair called melanin. The energy from the laser travels down to the base of the hair follicle using melanin as a ‘conductor’ where it disperses as thermal energy. This damages the base of the hair follicle rendering it unable to produce hair as quickly. This rate of growth will decrease more as you have further treatments.

As well as the laser needing melanin, the hair must also be in a certain stage of its growth cycle for the treatment to be effective. This cycle is known as the ‘active growing phase’, or anagen, and is when the hair is connected to the base of the hair follicle. This connection provides a direct pathway for the laser energy to disperse where the hair is produced at the base of the follicle.

Not every hair is in this phase at any one time on the body which is why you will need multiple treatments. This is referred to as the ‘resting phase’ or telogen.

Is this the right treatment for me?

As melanin is needed in order for the treatment to be effective, laser hair removal unfortunately does not yet work on blonde, white or grey hair.

How often will I need treatment?

You must have the treatment on a regular basis to get the maximum benefit. Facial hair is treated every 4 weeks and body hair is treated every 6 weeks. We recommend a minimum of six treatments.

What happens after treatment?

You may have some redness in the skin; this is completely normal and generally settles within 24 hours. Protecting your skin from the sun is essential to avoid any darkening caused by increased pigment in the skin called hyperpigmentation. The sk:n after care kit will help to protect your skin.

This has definitely been a longer post to what I usually write but I wanted it to be informative and as helpful to ya’ll interested in the topic as possible.I would love to know about your experiences with laser hair removal treatments if any of you have had one?

*DISCLAIMER: This is a collaborated post however all of my opinions are my own and honest.


I find that with each season I tend to switch up my hair care and beauty must haves as we probably all do, different seasons mean different needs right? I am a big online shopper it’s just so much more quicker and you can find some pretty good deals with free deliveries so ladies let’s shop till we drop and get it delivered right to our door steps! 

Today I wanted to introduce you to the  Regis Salons , they are known to recreate the best styles seen in the fashion world and reproduce them for ya’ll on the British high street across salons in the UK. They are known for being specialist in the latest cut trends, colours and provide a service to suit your own personal style. Launching a brand new online store they are offering to provide you with the most professional brands including Kerastase, GHD & much more right to your doorstep with a free delivery and on going offers on their site. I have had a little browse through their site and was very pleased to see some of my ultimate Summer Must haves which I have used in the past and some recently rediscovered. 

Morrocan Oil Travel Kit: If you haven’t tried this range yet I highly suggest you do it soon! It took me a while to fall into this Morrocan Oil Hype to be honest but once you try this trust me you will not want to go back , well at least that was the case with me. If I’d recommend to try one item from this range it’s the oil, it moisturisers, tames frizz and I honestly think it repairs my hair like no other product I notice a huge difference when I use this. 

GHD Pastel Jade Styler I have been a GHD’s girl since I received my first GHD at the age of 12 and have been loyal to it since! No other hair straighteners work as well on my hair as these bad boys! I am just in love with this mint green ones! They scream Summer , don’t they just?!!

Sothys Hydradvance Intensive Serum Summer means lot’s of sunbathing, a little bit more drinking 😉 , those summer nights can be a little dehydrating and harsh on the skin so using a hydrating serum will be your bestie this summer! Despite having combo skin I try to use a deep nourishing serum 3/4 times a week to keep my skin plump and healthy looking.

Kerastase Volumeifique Spray anything that volumises and works is a must have in my haircare, having quiet fine hair I love creating an illusion of bigger thicker hair with volumising sprays and this little beauty works fab with a little bit of heat. If your trying to be good and air dry your hair what I would recommend is once your hair is about 85% dry use a big round brush with a hair dyer just to finish it off it will give you that fab bouncy hair in no time with tons of volume. 

St. Tropez Body Scrub exfoliation is key to glowing healthy skin , and this St Tropez Body Scrub is superb , it will leave removed the deerskin cells ( attractive I know 😉 ) from your skin leaving your body beach ready but also perfect prior to fake tanning if your a little bit of self tan obsessed chic like myself. 

OPI Privacy Please Nail Polish I love neutral nail polishes in the summer , I think they look great with a tan and just go with all your summery outfits , light pinks like this colour always make it n my summer make up bag.

OPI Rapid Dry Top Coat Hate waiting for your nail polish to dry?! Yeah me too! Thank god for top coats like these! Life Savers or What? Apply this and in no time you’ll be ready to go!

These are some of my summer Beauty & Haircare must haves that have made it into my Beauty Bag so far, I have no doubt that I’ll probably acquire a few more products along the way.

What are your Summer Beauty & Hair care must haves?


Hello Beauties, I hope your all having a fab week, I decided to possibly start creating a few videos as part of my content on my blog, not really sure how well it will go but here’s my first video would love your feedback on it! 

It has been a while since I’ve talked about my favourite products/ fashion items so thats what today’s post is all about. I have been doing a lot of fashion related stuff and wanted to bring back a bit more beauty side of things because I have been trying out quiet a lot of new exciting products which I will be talking about over the next few weeks.

Click Here to Watch on YouTube

Products Mentioned:

MAC Studio Fix Foundation : Oldy but such a goodie! Rediscovered and have totally fallen in love all over again 

MUA Velvet Lip Laquer: Absolute Bargain at £3 but a little drying , regardless I have been loving this product the colour is gorgeous.

Ebay Brushes: Fantastic quality at an amazing price

The Body Shop Vitamin C Capsules: Perfect quick fix for dull skin.

Lorea’l Elnett Hairspray: By far the best hairspray ,easy to brush out, holds your hair without making it feel crispy ( as I like to say)

Morrocan Oil Light: Smells gorgeous and works so well on dry / damaged hair! Current must have

New Look Shoes: Just fab! 

Primark Sunglasses: This seasons must have !


Let’s be honest we all want that long wavy Victoria’s Secret Model Hair and although some of us were not naturally blessed with super long locks worry no more ladies I have come across the most luxurious extensions I have tried out so far no wonder there is such a big hype around this Fabulous Brand! The beauty of hair extensions is that you are able to achieve almost any look with them , personally I feel like the  longer the hair the better but of course if not done properly or the hair quality is not good enough it can look cheap and nasty.  If you have been after a great pair of extensions to achieve that Rapunzel beautiful long thick hair!? Well girl look no further as DIRTY LOCKS HAIR EXTENSIONS are here to help you!


When I received these I was really impressed how Dirty Looks have packaged the HK Hair Extensions in this super adorable packaging but also it’s been specifically packaged  such a way that allows you to see if you have that perfect colour match in case you need to exchange it for another colour. I also received a cute note and a lollipop which gave it a really sweet touch ! Thanks guys! 

Weft & Thickness

I have tried and tested a few hair extension brands over the years and have noticed sometimes the wefts can be really thin giving you a really unnatural look. The great thing about these is that you get a mixture of weft thicknesses meaning you are able to achieve the most natural look depending on your natural hair thickness. I noticed that these are thick from top to bottom too – they don’t go scraggly at the ends . 

 For days when you  only want a little bit of length and nothing too heavy, simply add a few pieces however if  you want a voluminous look like the one I achieved in the photos the full set of  wefts for that Victoria’s Secret Model Hair look. 

The full head hair extensions set comes with ten wefts which include a variety of 3,2,1 clips which creates the set. It also includes the quad weft which I am in love with I feel like it adds a lot of hair without having to clip in a lot of different wefts which not only saves time it looks great too. The clips are super sturdy and stay put once clip in.


The HK Hair extensions range has four lengths for you to choose from, I opted for the 20-22″ and am so happy with my decision as it really allows me to create various different hair styles but also a tip I have from experience is that when you get longer hair if you have had it for a while you are able to get your hair dresser to give it a trip to keep the ends looking fresh again this pro longs your hair extensions a little bit. 


These hair extensions are absolutely gorgeous, the hair quality is on top form and they blend it seamlessly with your own hair , I can assure you will not be disappointed when you receive these. The Dirty Looks Hair extension range  holds a very wide colour option I would recommend you check out their website if you would like to try them out. This set retails at £87.49 but they are currently on a special offer for £69.99 so go go get yourself a pair here!! which may not seem the cheapest however for the amount and quality of hair you receive it is truly worth it.   I’ve styled the hair with  curling and straightening irons you can still use heat tools on them without too much damage but I would recommend using heat protectants and serums to keep it in the best condition as long as possible.  Huge thank you to Dirty Looks for sending me these gorgeous set of extensions I will be repurchasing in the future without a doubt and have friends who are very keen to try these out too!



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