Shopping is every girls favourite cardio add LA to the equation and it is fair to say it is every girl dream to shop the streets of Los Angeles. As if having stunning beaches, beautiful sunny weather , celebrity sightings aren’t enough, LA is the home to some of the best shopping experiences in USA.

Everything from the latest fashion to trendy new styles is available from the boutiques, shops, and malls. Visitors love the selection of clothes when they visit this city and usually come away with a bag full of new things to take home. After relaxing in one of the top luxury homes in Los Angeles or hotels for the morning, why not head out for an afternoon of shopping.

Why is Los Angeles a Good Place for Shopping?

The fashion district in Downtown Los Angeles stretches on for blocks and blocks. Top designer labels such as Gucci, Prada, and others line the streets. Several shopping malls and complexes are around the city where everything from bargain clothes to wedding dresses are on sale. Special promotions and sales are regular here and many tourists come and shop until they almost literally drop.

One of the reasons why Los Angeles has such a robust fashion industry is because of the rich and famous residents. Just think of all those living in the mansions in Beverly Hills and Malibu. These people demand style and the latest accessories and LA provides that service.

The Best Places to Go Shopping in LA:

Los Angeles is a large city and has many different shopping districts depending on what you’re looking for. Here are some of the must-visit places for the best shopping.

West Hollywood is packed full of high-end stores such as Lisa Kline and Madison along with boutiques and shopping malls. Robertson Boulevard is the place to be for fashion and bargains are everywhere at the Sunset Plaza. This is a hot spot for celebrities looking for their latest clothes and accessories.

Venice is another great place to shop. Boutiques line Abbot Kinney Boulevard and Main Street, which are just a short distance from the beach. Many tourists like to combine a few hours sunbathing and relaxing with a little retail therapy.

Melrose Avenue is one of the more famous shopping districts with an eclectic mixture of upscale boutiques, niche clothing, and pretty much everything else you can imagine.

Chinatown is an interesting place to check out if you’re looking for a unique souvenir. The district itself has lots of small streets and alleys that seem to stretch off in all directions. Many of the shops here sell knick-knacks, but it’s also easy to find antiques and something interesting to take home. Chinatown certainly isn’t the typical place to shop for clothes and accessories in a conventional sense. Though it’s worth checking out.

Other popular areas include Beverly Hills, Century City, and Brentwood for the more upscale shopping. Bargains are found in Santee Alley in downtown LA.

How to Find a Bargain:

Every girl knows the importance of saving money and finding the deal of a lifetime right?. And Los Angeles is no exception to this, especially as the city has a notoriously high cost of living. But finding a bargain is easier than you may think.

Savvy tourists who want to do a bit of shopping will first search online to see which shops and stores have a current promotion or sale. When you know where they are, this should be the first place to check out. Sometimes it’s possible to buy online and collect it from the store. Online promotions may be better than the prices in the store. This is perfect if you know what you want and your size.

Searching in different stores may sound like an obvious way to cut the costs, but it’s often forgotten in LA. Just remember how big the city actually is and that there are dozens of individual shopping districts. What may be expensive in West Hollywood may be sold at a bargain price in Venice. Shops compete for customers and if you take the time to check out the different places, you’re probably going to find a great deal.

Don’t tempt yourself by window shopping in Beverly Hills or dreaming of buying that Gucci handbag. Be savvy and buy an entirely new wardrobe for the same price instead! Expensive fashion may be nice to have, but you should draw the line at what’s expensive and ludicrously overpriced.

The Christmas and January sales in LA are some of the best in the country. Expect to see big discounts on some of the latest accessories including clothes, handbags and shoes. It’s true that every major city has some kind of sale at this time of the year, but the variety may not be as wide. In fact, some people actually come to LA in December to do their Christmas shopping rather than going through the malls at home.

Groupon and other discount websites have a number of special offers for Los Angeles that include reduced prices for hotels, spa treatment, and even attractions. If you search online and monitor what deals are happening and when before you visit, it’s possible to stumble across a good deal. Just think if you can save 40% on certain travel costs for you and the family. Then you can have that little extra for the retail therapy!

Los Angeles is a great place to shop for the latest fashion in upscale boutiques to bargains along Santee Alley or a unique souvenir in Chinatown. Be savvy and look online for special promotions and take advantage of Groupon before you arrive. Girls LA seems to be the most visit for all of us! Time to start saving!

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A few weeks back I was kindly  invited by the lovely teamat Farfetch to spend the day creating my own unique fragrance with The Perfume Studio. 

The event was hosted at the beautiful the Hilton Kensington where we were kindly greeted with a glass go champagne upon arrival . Along with a few bloggers we were taught and explained how the world of perfume making works.A lovely lady called Bridget from The Perfume Studio talked us through the process of  perfume making and how they are put together. I thought is only fair I share some of the things were taught, the a perfume consist of 3 different scents  , these are called; Top, Base & Middle. The base is the strongest scent the Top is the initial fragrance you smell but tends to go quite quickly. 

We were introduced t0 18  scents from each category and categorised those into likes, dislikes and maybes . I personally went for a more musky and sophisticated  scent .After a lot of sniffing and hard decision making  I had chosen my  3 scents which were put together in order to create my own personal scent. You  are able to use different measurements of each smell, and can have as many scents in it as you like although it is best to stick to no more than 3.

Then came the tricky part naming it, I went for Risque I liked the way it sounded and honestly thought it was really relatable to the smell I had come up with. We were kindly given our perfume to keep and now I have my own personal unique fragrance which is pretty cool in mu opinion The perfume studio offer experiences as such as gifts which I would totally recommend to anyone who loves perfume like myself.

After we had all created our perfumes we went down for afternoon tea in the restaurant of the hotel which was beautifully presented and we were truly spoilt for choice with all the cakes and sandwiches. 

Overall it was such a great experience and a lovely  afternoon so a big thank you to FarFetch and The Perfume Studio for having me I had a blast.


Fitness is something I have been into for a while now , I’ve done a few fitness post in the past which proved to be quiet popular so decided to do a few more over the last few weeks starting with my latest routine and my plan for the next few weeks. Although I have been training for a while now , I feel like my diet is something I have always gone of track with from times to times. Overall I do enjoy eating healthy but like all of us I do have my days where all I crave is pizza , and I have a terribly bad sweet tooth cheesecake , chocolate you name it I simply can’t resist sometimes. Having said that I have been better at making wiser decisions and doing the 80% to 20% diet where I try and stick to only eating oh so called ” bad foods” 20% of the time, in addition I have incorporated protein and fat burners along with super foods and healthier alternatives to my diet which have defiantly made a difference. 

I have been using the Protein Works range at the moment which Im very happy with so far , the protein powder tastes good and I do feel like the fat burners make a difference in my overall workout performance due to the caffeine in them.  Another powder I have been trying out is the Bulk Super Greens  powder and I’ll be honest it is not the best tasting but once mixed in with a fruit smoothie you can hardly taste it , its a great way to get your greens.

Exercise wise I train 4-5 times a week at the gym which I personally really enjoy , I do a mixture  of cardio, spin , weight and zumba class training as I like to mix it up and keep it interesting. As of this week I will be doing a personal training session once a week as an addition to my current work out plan which I’m looking forward to. My personal fitness goals is to tone up rather than loose anymore weight , I defiantly think its a lifestyle you need to adjust to rather than a quick fix but it defiantly is worth it.


It has been a good few months since I’ve sat down and written a post , I’ve been meaning to do it for a while but with a new job, and honestly a little lack of motivation I felt like I have slightly neglected this little space of mine but after a break and a little time to think I am back on the blogging mode and really want to fully commit to it. I have so many lovely product reviews to share with you, a few fitness posts and new outfit posts to come too ,  so I am very  much looking forward to sharing it all with you all.

Over the last few weeks I have started training now if you have followed me for a while you know I’ve been attending the gym for a decent amount of time but never really fully committed to the healthy diet lifestyle now that’s not to say I am on some crazy diet as I know from experience these don’t work long time , but more on that to come soon when I do my current fitness routine. 

You may have also noticed a slight change in my hair..  yep I went back to being a blondish colour , I was blonde for a while then decided to go dark but felt like I was really missing the light locks so here I am back on the blonde side. 

Last week I went on holiday to Greece, Zakynthos with one of my best friends and had the best time , met some great people, took some time to relax and re-think and catched some rays which was lovely considering we don’t get much sun in the UK.

That’s my little update for now , I will be posting regularly as of now and am looking forward to reading  your blogs too. I hope your all having a lovely summer. xo  


Hey Dolls, Today I have a pretty special post where each and every single one you can get involved with, a few months ago I was asked if I would be voluntarily be willing to get involved with the #weartbeatit foundation which deals with heart and circulatory disease and of course without hesitation I said yes simply because although this is not something I am personally affected by I am aware of how many of our friends and family have been or are going through this and If it means that we can help even just a little bit it could potentially save someones life.

How to get involved?

Its so simple and easy to get involved there simply is no excuses. All the British Heart foundation are asking you to do is show of anything red on the 6th of February which is the Official Date of the #wearitbeatit event, it could be a red top, lipstick , shoes , nail polish the possibilities are endless!! Simply share it with your friends and family on your social media accounts and be sure to use the hashtag #wearitbeatit but you could also host and event click here for more information and how the BHF are willing to help you out on this. If hosting an event is not something you can do you can simply donate here no matter how big or small your donation is it all adds up and really helps anyone affected by this.


Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity and the largest
independent funder of cardiovascular research. Their research has
been central to the discoveries of vital treatments that are
helping to change the face of the UK’s fight against
cardiovascular disease.