It has been a little while since I posted on here , after a little break for many reasons I have decided to get back to it and start fresh with new content ,  a bit of a personal twist to the blog, instead of just adding photos of various outfits I would like to add some written content.  I love fresh starts, I think that’s why a break is what I needed to get ‘ ‘Back To It’ with the passion I had when I initially started blogging. 

Setting myself goals is something I have started the year with as cliché as it sounds. Last year I started working for myself , as well as running this blog I started an Interior Design Business , one of the reasons I haven’t been so active on here, I focused a lot of my energy on starting that up from scratch , building it all by myself has not been easy but I am a strong believer that if with the right attitude and work ethic you can achieve any goal you set yourself.

Of course building that business is only one of my goals of many but today I want to talk a little about my goal to grow this blog a little too . Creativity runs in my blood, ever since I was little I have always been one to design , create and photograph and this platform will be the home of all my creative hobbies and passions that I have for fashion , beauty & lifestyle content.

My biggest goal is to focus on what is important in life and be grateful for what you have and have achieved so far. Its easy to focus on the negative rather than positive. Surround yourself with people who are going to lift your higher & even though everyday may not be a good day , there’s good in everyday.

P x


This post was a collaboration with the stunning Tobi store which I instantly fell in love with , by far one of my favourite collaborations I have done. Tobi is an online womens fashion boutique based in Los Angeles  , their pieces are not only beautiful but of such good quality . I was able to pick out a few items from their store so keep your eyes out for more Tobi posts soon. Check out their store here.


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Dress: Tobi




Make looking great effortless this season with these latest frill hem co-rds .Frill hem trousers are the latest update of the cigarette style pant. At first glance  they look hard to style or to even wear however  at second glance you’ll notice their very best feature  LEG LENGTHENING and girl do I need it at 5’4 I always struggle to find trousers that fit me. The frill hem at the bottom draws attention all the way down to your toes, and right at the end there’s a fun poof of fabric to make your ankle appear even slimmer. What’s not to love – especially as these can dressed up or down and are perfect for pretty much any occasion.
This stunning pink blush set is from an online fashion store with the latest fashion trends who kindly sent a few of their pieces and I am loving it , Shop this co-rd set here.


Pretty Little Thing is a one stop shop if you are a fashion lover like myself, their trend led clothing range inspired by the catwalk and latest celeb trends you are guaranteed to find pieces that fit your stye. This stunning statement piece is not a colour I would normally go for but I am loving the vibrant red vibes , this is perfect for a holiday evening outfit and that is where I will be rocking this piece this summer, shop this stunning vibrant jumpsuit here.


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I am back with yet another tutorial , this time I created a smokey green eye which is something unusual for me as I am more of a neutral /bronzed kinda girl however I am happy with the way it turned out, its not your everyday eye look but for a night out in town this would look gorgeous.

The Anastasia Beverlly Hills is still on my top used products and once again in this tutorial I used this as part of the eye look and for contouring. I used the green gosh eyeshadow palette which I believe is no longer available however any green eyeshadow palette will work with this look.

I wanted to keep the look smokey yet not to dark and therefore I did not use and eyeliner instead I used the Maybelline Push Up Mascara  with a pair of Eyelashes to add a more define yet eye look.

For the face I used the Maybelline Age Rewind Concealer I find this product to be very brightening therefore perfect for adding brightens underneath your eyes and brightening any other areas on your face.   Having combination skin I do find I need to set the make up in order for it to stay on all day and I have been using the Loreal Infaliable Powder for a long time now and seem to always go back to this not only super affordable but amazing product.

Of course no bronzed look is complete without a bronzer and the Seventeen Bronzer & Highlighter  do an amazing job at giving me a beautiful glow and highlight.

Once again I kept it nude and simple on the lips with the NYX Lip Liner.  


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 Fitness and workout routines have been something I have been into for a couple of years now and am still loving. I started off with a personal trainer and then moved onto proceed my fitness journey by myself and it is fair to say that like most things in life it has been a learning process. Over the years I have learnt that cardio on its own will not help you achieve the results you may be looking for. I have been doing a mixture of cardio, weight training and spinning classes to help me achieve the body I want , it was when I started introducing weight training that I saw my body changing in a positive way.

Of course with Fitness comes nutrition , it is vital that you are consistent not only in the exercise sector but are also incorporating proper nutrition in your everyday lifestyle. In order for your muscles to repair and grow protein is essential and advised to consume after a workout, now the question that is mostly common … What Protein Powder should I take? There are so many supplements brands out there it can be overwhelming to find one you feel works best for you. Today I have collaborated with Miss Fits Nutrition to introduce you to a lean pea protein that MissFitssNutrution call THE MULTITASKER, it provides your body with the protein but also the nutrition it needs to repair your muscles, this product is all natural , gluten free , dairy free , Vegan and has no sugar or hidden nasty products within it.

How to take it? Simply shake it up with water, milk or make a smoothie. I personally love to mix mine with either just water or almond milk if I am consuming it straight after my work out , however mix in bananas , natural cocopowder , peanut butter with the chocolate protein powder and you’ll be left with a chocolate peanut butter milkshake! YUM!!