Being a make up lover and having tested out various make up brushes I truly notice a difference how my make up looks when applied with good quality brushes.  Spectrum Brushes have really made a big appearance in the social media world and when I was kindly sent this brush set I was really excited to try these out. 

These beautiful brushes are sure to make a statement on your vanity with the gorgeous bold contrasting colours. The bristles of these are so soft and feel so luxurious on the skin and applied make up beautifully too.

The brushes are completely cruelty free and are made of the highest quality synthetic hair , these brushes are by far the silkiest and softest synthetic brushes I have used to this day.  With christmas around the corner these would make a great gift for any make up lover , with the vast collection of spectrum brushes you are bound to find a set that fits your needs.


Affordable yet long lasting polish range ,  yep it ca be tricky to find but I have been introduced to a new nail polish range Annika The Edge Nails which ticks both boxes. The brand supplies not only nail polishes but a wide range of nail and beauty products too. With their high quality yet affordable products I would honestly recommend giving this brand a go whether you’re a proffesional  or simply looking  for an great quality nail polish to use at home. 


What stood out to me about these polishes that whilst being affordable at £4.20!! they have a super long lasting finish and do not chip , I would recommend  putting a top coat on top as this would pro-long it  even more but it also gives it  a nice glossy finish.  The polishes have a thicker consistency to your usual polish however apply beautifully and even after one coat the colour , however I would suggest applying two coats. 

They have a great colour range from nudes, reds, pinks to darker shades so theres something for everyone. Personally I tend to go for the lighter new shades, theres something classic about nude subtle nails,  however lately I have been loving the Born Sinner ( red) shade from this range , its a beautiful red and perfect for the Festive season. 

The four shades I was kindly sent are Cafe Au Lait , a stunning warm nude  , Blushing Beauty a very subtle light pink,  Clean Slate which is a beautiful taupe grey and Born Sinner a vibrant red. I have used all of the shades and can honestly say I loved them all. These would make a perfect  Christmas gift for any nail polish lover , be sure to check out their range here. 



 Just roll with it..  I haven’t really done any personal posts nevertheless it felt right to sit down , write this and almost vent out..

 It’s easy to forget how fortunate we really are at times, and get stuck in our own bubble where we have almost this negative mindset we occasionally get stuck in and possibly even feel a little trapped in. The last couple of months have felt like a bit of a rollercoaster for me , whilst I wont go  into too much detail , it has made me realise how fortunate I am to have the people in my life that have supported me and kept me sane over that period.

Life isn’t always what we expect it but as the saying says Life’s problems wouldn’t be called hurdles if there wasn’t a way to overcome them. Despite everything I am glad how things have turned out as I feel like this has opened new doors for me and lots of new opportunities to focus on and put my energy into.

Over the last few months I have also had some truly amazing people enter my life who I am very appreciative of feel lucky to have met.

Amongst everyone who has been there for me, this girl is someone I can not imagine my life without, over the many years of friendship its never a dull moment when we’re together. Thee are some people that make you laugh a little harder , smile a little bigger and live a little better and thats what she always does.

Yesterday myself and two of my friends decided to have a day out in London , having people who you can relate to and have a great time with is one of the best remedies when you’re not feeling a hundred percent and feel like you just need to breathe and take a step back.

We went to a place called Lanes in Oxford Street, what a beautiful spot. I have never been there before but I loved the atmosphere that this bar offers, the interior is very pretty and the service is outstanding and very welcoming. Perfect spot for a Sunday afternoon.

Love P x



We’re all guilty of a little bit of online shopping , you’re looking for that one perfect outfit before you know it you’re basket is in the hundreds ready to clear out your pay cheque within that one click .. there is now a smarter way to shop ,  Shopical have created and online shopping experience which actually works in your favour and allows you to shop guilt free  well sort of anyway,  the latest online shopping experience created by Shopical is all about social media sharing, you share their link which of course helps them to spread the word about their site and with that one click you are also saving yourself money as the price reduces of you’re soon to be new outfit once it has been shared with your friends and/or followers, Clever right? 

Being involved in the Fashion Blogging industry I do have the tendency to be a bit of a shopaholic at times so for Shopical to give me the opportunity to shop and save at the same time it was  a YES from me. The order process is super easy and quick and my item was delivered on time and fast which if you’re anything like me and a little impatient its great to have your items arrive quickly. 

Shop, Share and Save Online  is what Shopical is all about, it is by far the easiest way to save money with only one click away . Save money by simply sharing clothing you love , not sure about you but I’m in! 







*SPONSORED POST: Although this is a sponsored post I truly love the dress and think Shopical is a great way of shopping and saving at the same time.  


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